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Prrollt?! Excellence Playa Mujeres?!

How was it? Did you go to Isla Mujeres? Did you write a review? Pics?

Dyin’ to hear!

;D ;D ;D

Hi there Bubbletoes, We had a FANTASTIC time, it was marvelous, simply marvelous.

We loved Secrets Capri, Excellence RC, Royal PDC and Dreams Tulum but Excellence PM blew them away, what a gorgeous place.

Out of 8 days we only had 3 days of sun/part-sun, the rest was cloudy and cool but heck, what a place to have lousy weather! We did go to Isla Mujeres one of those cloudy days, it was fun! I’m so glad we went, now we can say we went to the most Easterly point of Mexico!

I did write a short review because a long detailed review would have taken me all month, there’s so much to tell.

I’m still working on the pics, will post them shortly.

We will return!

Cool! Glad you enjoyed your vacation :slight_smile:

Off to read your review and will check back for pics later (this means I will hound you until you post them, lol ;D).

What’d you do on Isla??

Thanks for the update prrollt!

I know, I know, my wife is also after me to get the pics online…

On Isla Mujeres we just walked around downtown and did a little shopping. We then rented a golf cart and took our time to go around the island. It was fun. Too bad weren’t ungry to eat at Playa Luncheros (sp?) as they were smoking some fish outside and it looked great!

Tiknchic - it’s a Mayan fish dish. I had it at Playa Lancheros for the first time and that is the first place I’m going when I return in June!

They smoke it on-site…

Then they serve it up like this…

Then I eat it like this! ;D

I can almost smell it now. Thanks for the virtual escape. You have an excellent excuse to return to Isla, prrollt - you’ve gotta have the Tiknchic.

(listen to your wife…photos, por favor!)

A few pics from Isal Mujeres

Fotografias fabulosas! Thanks for whisking us away to Isla Mujeres, prrollt :slight_smile: