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Punta Cana as a summer holiday

Hi to all of Debs posters

Just thinking about heading back down for a summer holiday and I am looking for some input from people who have tried it.

What occupancy levels do the resorts run at on average for this time of year?

Any problems with construction or cutbacks to service?

Is the heat bearable from 12 -3 pm?{ I know it is an individual thing but I have only found temperature and not really humid ex readings]

Any thoughts or advise at all would be greatly appreciated ???


I’m a teacher so the only time I get to go on vacation is the summer. We have been to Punta Cana 3 times in the summer and are going for our 4th time this summer. The heat is bearable as the breeze is great, especially at the beach. The resort we stay at is full but not so full that it is lacking in service. One year we did hear some construction next to our resort (Iberostar Grand Bavaro) but we requested a room further away and they quickly accommodated us.
Hope this helps!

We spent a week in Punta Cana in the summer of '07 and two weeks in the summer of '08.

Occupancy rates were higher than you’d envision. In fact, the Riu was busier in August than it was the week of Christmas.

There’s a steady breeze in Punta Cana so it keeps things comfortable. There’s a lot less beach walkers in the summer though. :sunglasses:

We went to Punta Cana 2 years ago in July and it was great. The resort was busy but not filled…it was hot, yes, but not unbearable. It was hotter by the pool than by the beach b/c of that great ocean breeze. In fact, we liked it so much that we are getting married there this July!

Been twice in July to Punta Cana. Found the occupancy quite full. Lots of people from south of the equator, it being their winter. Met people from Bolivia, Argentina, Peru etc. Very interesting mix of countries. Liked it alot. Found no cutbacks in service at all. Between noon and three the heat is very bearable at the beach with the breeze, will feel it much more inland. For thoughts and advice, we were at the Riu Palace (2002) and the Bahia Principe Bavaro (2005) and found that having a buffet with air conditioning was a great help. The Riu had the option of an outside area for dining if you wanted that. If ala carte restaurants are a big concern I’d find out how many are near the beach or have air also. With the dress code policy most resorts require you to wear long pants at dinner regardless of the time of year. I always just changed back into shorts after dinner. We enjoyed our two stays in July very much, best of luck with your summer holiday search.

Very good point as far as the buffets and specialty restaurants. If they’re not air conditioned, you’re going to sizzle. Do some research on that topic before choosing a resort for a summer trip. :sunglasses:

Some great ideas and i will send off a email and read the reviews as to which buffets and a la catres are a/c’d once we have narrowed down the choices.

We are looking at Royal Suites Turquesa which we are somewhat familiar or the Gran Bahia Ambar resort.

Any thoughts on these two?

We went last year in the summer and I have to say that although people warned us about the heat we were not prepared for the humidity. We didn’t find the heat unbearable as it’s actually only a couple of degrees hotter in the summer, it’s the humidity that’s a huge difference from winter to summer.

Unless we were by the beach, which we love, your skin was damp from the humidity as there wasn’t much air movement once you are away from the beach.

Don’t get me wrong, we thoroughly enjoyed it and we’re going again this August. Just wanted to prepare you more for the humidity than the heat. Even the cameras fogged up within seconds of leaving our room (no exaggeration).

As for the occupancy rate, we found that last summer the “economy” must of been playing a role as the resorts were not full as in previous years. By our second week the resort was down to about 50%. Lots of Europeans and South Americans…loads of fun :sunglasses:

If you are prepared, you will have a fantastic time. Dress light ;D

Absolutely. I kept my super duper digital SLR in the safe unless I wanted to use it. By the time I carried it from the safe to the hallway, it was fogged up. :sunglasses:

Even the cameras fogged up within seconds of leaving our room (no exaggeration).
Absolutely. I kept my super duper digital SLR in the safe unless I wanted to use it. By the time I carried it from the safe to the hallway, it was fogged up. 8-)[/quote]

This can actually pose a real problem to the camera, even causing “water damage.” If you look at the disclaimers for reasons why a warranty is not valid it may include taking a camera into a humid climate. If you’re able to, you should turn off the AC (or at least moderate the temperature) in your room so the difference in conditions isn’t as obvious. It’s the shock of going from the extreme of cool to the extreme of heat and humidity that produces the condensation. Go slowly! The fog can take a while to dissipate too. A couple of soft focus pictures are interesting but when you want a realistic picture and the camera’s not ready yet, it’s a bummer.


it might help to leave the camera on the balcony for a while before you leave the room.have fun and enjoy the heat while you can.

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the summer occupancy goes together with the different periods for the summer breaks in the US/Canada/france/spain/great britain/germany.
during their summer breaks the hotels are on highest occupancy, but i never saw such as a problem, they are staffed/prepared for the amount of guests. as soon as the summer breaks end the occupancy goes down a lot, end september til mid december hotels are occupied much less. exception is the thanksgiving weekend/week, here we have a short huge push.
temps in summer are in average just a 10F higher than now, but humidity is going up also, that’s what let humans feel it hotter than it may be. like many mentioned above the usual breeze on the beachside makes it much more comfortable. compared to my european home i feel a hot summer day here on the island much more comfortable than a hot summer day over there.
happy travels

Interestingly enough, this morning, my wife and I were talking about a Summer vacation(beginning of July) instead of going this Spring. We live near the ocean and have taken July vacations to spend at the beach. The last couple of years we have had a lot of rain in July and temps in the 70’s F. To take two weeks and get to the beach only a few times on our vacation is not our idea of a vacation. >:( We know there is a possibility of rain in PC but it does not last for four or five days in a row and it will be warm. :)We are weighing our options.

Peace! :sunglasses:


We find that August prices are lower than July, especially if you travel the week that ends with Labour Day weekend. :sunglasses:

Singer, my sentiments exactly, our summers aren’t what they used to be here in Canada. Plus TONNES of mosquitos !!!

Thanks for all the great advice and we will let you know what is happening.