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Punta cana duty free

We have a late flight (midnight)out of punta cana,can anybody tell me if the duty free and shops at the airport are open that late?

They have always been open whenever I have had a late flight home, last time was November flight was 10:30pm and duty free was still open.

Is it just me…or is it cheaper to buy stuff at the resorts or the locals…than it is at the duty free shops??

I rememeber looking at rum or Presidente and it seemd quite pricey…doesn’t that defeat the purpose of buying “duty free” ::slight_smile:

If you buy from locals then you have to pack it in your suitcase because of the ban on liquids through security. Imagine having a 40oz of rum break open in your suitcase - yikes! Then again, lots of people do it

One thing we noticed in Punta Cana this month was that the Duty Free on the same level and area as the food court is wayyyy pricier than the Duty Free in Terminal 2.

Just a couple days ago I’ve been there: the prices are just ridiculously high. Buy at the resort.
We are packing always the drinks in suitcases, and never got broken anything. I would feel sorry, big time.
Take some bubble wrap with you, and pack the bottle in middle of the suitcase.

I pack my “glass turkeys” very carefully. They’ve all made it home to be enjoyed …

i always pack my rum in the suitcase and never had a problem of it breaking. i put it inside a zip-lock bag and wrap in clothes.

It’s not the problem of packing it in the checked luggage,it’s the weight that is the problem.20kg is not alot of weight.

Just for reference, a regular bottle (750 ml) of Brugal weighs about 1.15 kg. A regular bottle of Presidente weights 0.7 kg. You’re right, 20 kg doesn’t go far, but it can be done …

Yes, we bought two bottles of Ron Barcelo (705 ml each) and is double the weight because of the glass. (1376 gram each)
We put them in two suitcases and without having too much clothing we were just 1 kg under the limit in total (39 kg for the two check ins) . It is so easy to go over the 20 kg… And than is not cheap to buy there the rum…