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Punta Cana - Fishing Excursions

Has anyone done one down yonder? If so, which company did you go with?

A certain “Mikefisher” must be wondering what happened to his reputation.

Natelie … check with Mikefisher. I have never been with him, but all reports on here look very good. My next trip down, I’ll be booking a chater with him.

Good Luck

Mike … for my commission for this recomendation … a greenie will do …LOL

Natalie did not book yet,
so i took the greenie for myself.
btw the Mrs took nearby half of that.
the downs of any marriage i think, ha ha

hey Gary,
no perks for ya buddy,
otherwise your recommendations would not be objective, so worthless.
people would tear and fether ya on a bord, specially TA.
i read today that i receive perks of the majestic elegance for posting about the contsruction progress and taking pictures there october 30th,
that for sure been the last time that i posted about a resort, finished or not,
specially one i do not even plan to stay myself.
that time there i better would have spent with some greenies shared with the Mrs here at our home beach, ha ha.
in case of perks,
til today i do not know to which hotel chain/company that majestic belongs to,
no answer needed,
'cause i don’t care,
i am booked for our 2009 anniversary somewhere else,
exactly where we are every year,
and that been booked before i went to an elegance.

WOW… Just had a great idea. I can prebook a bunch of fishing charters here in Toronto for people going down to PC for Mike and he’ll owe me a whole case of greenies.
Who wants to be my first customer ???

Natalie, I went fishing with Mike in April and nothing but a first rate business. Make sure you negotiate a trip to Steve’s bar after fishing like I did so you can brag about the 5ft barracuda!

Mike, when you you learn? You have to stop being so helpful to others. ;D How many times can you get bitten before you stop putting you hand in the lyon den. :wink:

Mike, do you have a website I can peruse or a listing of your charter pricings? Thanks a bunch!

Just click on his name. There should be a link to his site in his user profile.

like Bob said,
click on the member name and then you find a line which says website, or memberwebsite, something like that.
the question leads me to an additional not:
Debbies great bord does not only have the travel forum and hotel reviews,
there is also a section named “things to do”,
check that out, there are links to a bunch of good activities,
yes, i am present there myself, too, lol,
and there you also find customer’s reviews about their experiences
with those activities.
many bordmembers do not know about those sections.
happy travel