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Punta Cana in September

Plan on booking 2 weeks mid September. Outside of a potential Hurricane (lol) that could effect our holidays, I’m presuming this will be a slower period. Are there any holidays or school breaks or festivals that take place this time of year that could effect the running of the resorts. These could also make for a better party atmosphere. Just 2 of us in our mid 50’s who like to relax, but aren’t dead yet.

Thanks … Gary

I love PUJ in September, you have to like hot and humid weather with nice summer showers here and there.

We did meet some European college students once, they have some sort of break in the fall.

Better to book last minute and watch the hurricane weather sites, as hurricanes just don’t appear overnight some take 1 week, 10 days or longer to arrive at your destination.

We always check the hurricane sites and if we see clear skies we are booking.

Maybe we will see you the bar we are also in our 50s and not dead yet. :sunglasses:

Hot and humid with a few showers don’t bother us at all. Wife is a retired teacher, so we can now travel during the off periods. Will book last minute for a great deal. Plan on spending some time at Steve’s. Will be our first time there, look forward to meeting some of the people from the forums here.

my favourtie time of the year in Punta Cana, HOT & HUMID just they way we like it!!!

also my fav travel period,
will leave PC and spend the fall in europe, ha ha.
from september til early december PC is running low, i would book last minute and board when the rate and weather are right for the week.