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Punta Cana or La Romana area

I’ve been to Punta Cana twice, but I’m wondering how the La Romana area compares to Punta Cana. Are there more things to do off the resort compared to Punta Cana or are the activites in La Romana mainly resort based like Punta Cana?

We have been to La Romana once (viva dominicus) 5 years ago. We have nothing to compare it to until we leave for PC next month. One thing I did not like about where our resort was - you could not walk very far down the beach. There was lots of reef and rock and not what I had expected. The rest was ok…looking forward to something different!!

We were in La Romana (Bayahibe) last year, Oasis Canoa. The beach was great there and lots of beach to walk. Iberostar was next door and it looked nice there too. We did the Saona tour which was close compare if you wanted to do this tour from Punta Cana. We walked from the beach to Dominicus and also took the free bus ride there for some shopping. There is also a Casino close by that you could walk to. I can’t compare to Punta Cana cause i’ve never been. One thing that I’ve hear others say is that the Beach was much calmer than in Punta Cana. The week we were there last year, we never had any flags and in Punta Cana they had 2 full days of red flag. Hope this helps. Any questions, you can pm me.

We have been to LaRomana a couple times once at the Iberostar and we just returned from Dreams LaRomana. The beaches are short and not as nice as where we have been in Punta Cana. The beaches are calmer at LaRomana but you can’t walk forever. At Dreams it was a short walk to town but not a lot there we were interested in. Saona and Catalina Islands were close by but we did not take any tours this vacation. For the beach I would choose Punta Cana hands down.

I have to say that if I had to choose it would be La Romana, loved the beach, water & snorkeling right off the shore when we stay at Casa del Mar (Dreams).

the beach thingy difference is the fact that the white sandy beaches on the east coast/punta cana, are naturally born, while aside of the lil Bayahibe Bay our caribbean side/south coast/La Romana is a base of coral stone/rocks, so many beaches are prepared to be a beach, more rocky on land and in the water. calm and rough days can be found on both coasts, during hurricane season of course the caribbean Sea/south coast/la romana get more effects by those wandering tropical storms aso than the nicely protected east coast around Punta Cana.
2 beautiful destins.
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Which area has more excursions? My husband isn’t the type to lay on the beach all day. He has a very hard time sitting still for any period of time.
We both want to go to Santo Domingo. Are there any overnight trips to Santo Domingo?

gonesalsa, if you want to send me a note, I can forward you a bunch of excursion suggestions. There’s a ton to do in the La Romana area, including Santo Domingo tours for one day since it’s only a 2 hour drive eacy way. You can go overnight if you arrange it yourself (I don’t know of any organized tours that include that) and since you’re clearly interested in that kind of thing, it would be a great opportunity. I’ve done that in the past…2 days and one night in the capital. I can send you a link to my pictures of that trip if you’re interested.

You’d have to book a hotel (I can suggest a couple) and transportation–which might be the expensive part.


I started looking at the DR in Jan/08 as a holiday destination. Originally, my research had us leaning toward Cabarete as our choice, but some helpful suggestions, photos and videos from Kaki and Baltobabe suddenly turned us anti-AI-ers into the opposite. With so much accessible from Dreams La Romana - the caves, La Romana, Santo Domingo, Dominicus, Bayahibe, Altos de Chavon, Catalina, the tours to Saona and Catalinita - hands down this was our preferred choice in the end.

An endless beach to walk is not a priority for us, so the shorter beach at DLR is fine. We wanted access to the country, the sights and especially the people. I have never learned to swim, so calm waters are a huge plus for me!

Without ever having been there, I have already made 3 friends online from the Bayahibe area that I can’t wait to meet in person.

I think you need to consider what is important to you for your holiday, given the amount of time you plan to spend in the DR.

For us, once we looked everything over, there was only one choice that made sense for what we wanted.

My $0.02.

Happy Planning,
Storm :sunglasses:

any one know how klong the bus ride form p.c. to la romana area is? we have some resorts offered to us but we have to fly into p.c. and then bus it. I am deciding if it will be worth a try for our next holiday. been to p.c. twice and love the beach there but we are more pool people and would rather have a great pool. is it worth the bus ride…

About 2 hours.

90 minutes -2hrs, depending which hotel exactly.
but to do such for a specific pool?
nothing against the pools at the resorts on the south, but i owuld not say that they are different to the pools on the east.
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In general I’d agree that the pools aren’t worth the special effort unless you like to sit at the pool and look at the outstanding views of the Caribbean, especially considering there are only 7 or so resorts in the area. BUT…the only hotel that appears to have something that not a lot of other hotels do is Dreams La Romana. The hotel has 3 pools, 2 of which are infinity pools, 1 of which has a swim-up bar and is directly on the beach and 1 of which is exclusively for the guests of the Preferred Club so it’s much quieter, with premium brands at the bar and near to the hors d’oeuvre and amenities of the dedicated concierge.


thanks! actually dreams was one we were looking at. I wouldn’t travel that far just to get a pool, if ya know what i mean, but it’s something different. different atmosphere, different scenery, different type of beach, etc. I love the looks of the iberostar, bahia ( but i don’t care for the murky water i read about) and dreams. Thought if the price was right maybe it’s worth the bus ride???

Lin, don’t know if this will help or not - but West Jet flies from Toronto to La Romana weekly for a limited time (check their web site). From La Romana airport a 20 minute transfer to DLR. Hotel is supplying free transfers for us in 3 weeks time.

Cheers! Storm :sunglasses:

thanks but we HATE travelling out of T.O. we always either miss our connecting flight or something. plus we are travelling with a 2 year old so i want a direct flight. thanks for the suggestion though :slight_smile:

I guess I feel it’s worth the 90 minute drive, and for me that’s often after a number of flights and an overnight in an airport. My tentative itinerary for my May trip is taking me Saskatoon-Toronto-Montreal-Punta Cana and takes 18 hours and 40 minutes. By the time I land in the DR, I figure I’m already at my destination! Considering thousands of people a day drive the 90 minutes each way in the same day to do the Saona Island tours, I figure doing it 90 minutes at the beginning and end of a week or 2 week stay is manageable.

I don’t think the drive is that bad and entirely worth it for the result, but will your 2 year old be okay with it and are you okay with that drive without a carseat, or would you be bringing your own? I have some pictures and video of the road trip posted at


There are a few at the beginning of the album but most are tucked in at the end to avoid tedium in the body of it. It was in a van which is the usual way I’ve been collected. I haven’t been a full bus since 2004 but was in a minibus in February.

Where are you traveling out of lin7604?


KAKI wonderful pics great job

we would be travelling from winnipeg. I don’t mind the 2 hr ride as long as it’s not longer tehn 2hrs!!! We went to the mayan the last 2 years with 1.5-2 hr drives to our resorts both times and we are fine. he sleeps on the bus if it is around his nap time… I have having D.R. withdrawls and really would like to experience a different area then p.p. and p.c. but nothing else is usually offered to us adn i don’t like travelling out of T.O. especially with a toddler…

:slight_smile: lin7604 - good to see you over here. You might really like Dreams La Romana since you are not really beach people.

If there is anything I can help you with, I’d be more than happy to help you from a first-timer at DLR.

Yes, there is a swim-up bar at this resort but most of the stools are taken by the children of the folks who are hanging out there. There was very little shade at this pool so the other option is the more “active” pool (doesn’t have a swim-up bar) but there is a bar up on the deck - very close and not as busy. There was more shade at this pool. :-*