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Punta Cana or Peurto Plata


Can anyone tell me which is better to stay at Punta Cana or Peurto Plata???


It would help if we knew what your “ground rules” were.


zgr81, I have only been to Punta Cana! Just because when I booked in 2003 there was a deal on for the Grand Paradise Bavero! My Fiance and I had no idea what Punta Cana would be like, This would be my first trip ever! It was only after we got home that I realized how popular the Dominican was in my home town. The year after we did research on other resorts in Punta Cana and decided to go back! We are going again this May! We have never been to Puerto Plata, but I’m sure it is just as beautiful!! The resorts are mostley the same when it comes to rooms, activities,etc. Now obviously some resorts have more than others, but that’s the great thing about this Forum! Any questions you have, they will be answered! I have been told that Puerto Plata has a brownish sand, while Punta Cana is Somewhat White! This is what I love about Punta Cana the Most! The Beach! :smiley: Everyone is different, and everyone has their own opinion on what they like and want! Here in Newfoundland, It is more expensive to go to Punta Cana than Puerto Plata. You have to figure out what your looking for and what’s important to you, and then anyone who has been to both can Help! :wink: In the mean time I hope I did just That! :sunglasses: Good Luck to you!!
Cin :slight_smile:


Have been to both and personally I prefer Punta Cana, but both have redeeming features. One distinct difference, other than the sand that was already mentioned, is that most resorts in Punta Cana are generally a lot bigger than those in Puerto Plata…some people have a preference (I for one like smaller resorts, but love PC, so compromise). Also, if you wish to leave the resort and do some sightseeing or tour Santo Domingo, although far, this is still accesible from PC as a day trip…as well as some other fantastic excursions.
No doubt you too will fall in love with the DR whichever destination you choose. :slight_smile:


BTW, maybe just a typo but its Puerto Plata. :wink: No biggie!


Depends what you look for in a vacation…
Punta Cana is somewhat quieter and the sand is white and beautiful! However it’s an area of mainly resorts so if you are someone who likes to venture off the resort and explore it may not be for you.
Puerto Plata has some wonderful resorts but the beaches do not compare to Punta Cana. The sand is course and somewhat brownish! You can get some great deals to Puerto Plata so if you are more of a pool person you might want to check it out!

I have been to both and like different things about both coasts. :smiley:


I have been to Punta Cana and am returning in Jan 06. Love it - white sand, clean new hotels. I have been told that Puerto Plata is older, there is an actual town, and that the hotels there are a little “tired”.


Been to both and perfer Punta Cana much more…the beach is amazing…


Went to the North coast 10 times or so from 1998 to 2002. Took a trip to Punta Cana. My last 10+ trips to the D.R. have been to the North Coast.

What everyone has said about nicer beach, nicer resort etc. in Punta Cana is very true. We just did not feel like we were getting a Dominican Republic “Experience” in Punta Cana. When I leave the US I want to totaly leave the US and all of it’s trappings etc. Therefore I have found my little slice of paradise in Sosua.


My wife and I have been going to Playa Dorada for the past 10 years and absolutly love it. Have never been to PC. Like Phil said, it’s nice to get away from the USA feel, and you won’t find many Americans in the Playa Dorada/Puerto Plata area.

The fact that the city of Puerto Plata is so close to the Playa Dorada area is a real plus. We always make it a point to go into the city. The sights, the people, the food make for a very enjoyable day.

It just depends upon what you want to do on your visit to the country.

Enjoy your Dominican experience :slight_smile:



We just got back from Puerto Plata yesterday! We have done Puerto Plata twice and Punta Cana once. Try Puerto Plata, there is so much to do and see! The hotel we stayed at is very young, not tired at all, in fact we saw lots of newer resorts. Take some trips off the resort, we went to Sousa, Cabarete, Puerto Plata. All very good. Not to say Punta Cana wasn’t nice, just prefer the North Coast!


I also prefer Puerto Plata. The beach in Punta Cana is beautiful but I find the service and people more friendly in Puerto Plata and isn’t that bad