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Punta Cana or Varadero?


Hey all, I am trying to get information on Punta Cana and Varadero Cuba. I just started looking into reviews and opinions on either of these places, considering I am planning a 1 week trip for myself and 1 other buddy for this winter. I am single and my buddy is married (boo-hiss!!). We are all hard working guys that just want to get away and have a relaxing vacation. We are looking to spend next to nothing outside of the all inclusive package that we decide on. We don’t need a really wild scene, but we would like a setting where we can sit back have some drinks and look at and talk/dance with some ladies in the late 20’s, early 30’s. Activities such as ; volleyball, catamaran sailing, windsurfing, snorkeling, bike rides, scooters would be great. I have been to Holguin Cuba last Dec and loved it. Any information would be helpful. Cheers.


you will find all what you are looking for in Punta Cana and in Varadero
but if you like palmtrees on the beach an a nice landscape, Punta Cana is your place
and the variety of resorts in Punta Cana is bigger


Both are great, but the resorts in PC or more up scale, and the food IS better. either way enjoy


I would go with Punta Cana. I am sure the food will be much better and you have already seen a part of Cuba. Whichever you decide have a great holiday. I also think the DR will be less expensive.


There are great deals on now for both places. Varadero has a great beach but less palm trees. If you’re truly looking to just veg - this is it - not much to do unless you go into Varadero. A great excursion would be to visit Havana - but it’s an all day trip. PC has beautiful beaches and maybe the weather would be hotter than Cuba ( Dec-Jan). People are more laid back in PC .


Been to both. Simple answer to your question: Punta Cana by far the best bang for your money and pleasure.


We’ve been to Punta Cana and Cuba (Cayo Coco) and I would definitely recommend Punta Cana over Cuba. I think you’ll find its a bit cheaper, the beaches are much better with lots of palms right on the beach, food seems a bit better, people are friendly, better choice of resorts, and of course Presidente beer is much better than Cristal!!!



I have been to Varadero and Punta Cana and I would choose Punta Cana over Varadero anyday! I find that Varadero is cheaper (I am from Toronto) but I get my monies worth when I go to Punta Cana. One thing for sure…the food in the Dominican is way more tasty!


I want to thank everyone on this forum who replies like this to uninformed travelers like myself. The opinions you have provided will surely make for a great holiday. Cheers to all.



Punta Cana is my preference. As others said it is more upscale, offers better beer, and it is more scenic. While I enjoyed my trips to Cuba, I must say that I prefer the over-all atmosphere, particularly off the resort, in the D.R. It is difficult to escape the police state mentality under which the Cubans suffer.

Adios :sunglasses: :smiley: :sunglasses:


Definately, Punta Cana! Been to all points of Cuba as well as several areas in the DR. The DR wins, better beach, friendlier people! Better beer, lol!

Another note: Cuba now has its own currency & does not take the US dollar. Although they will exchange the CDN dollar for theirs, your CDN dollar does not go far.
& from what I hear they will not let you cash theirs back in when you leave.

In the DR ,US currency is acceptable & alot easier to get hear in Canada.

Let us know where you’ve decided to go?

Have a great trip.


Having been to both, and Varadero only for a wedding…there is no comparison, DR for sure! And the beaches in PC are breathtakingly beautiful. Go, enjoy and you wont be disappointed! :slight_smile:


I’ve been to both Varadero and Punta Cana. I’ve enjoyed both. Both have beautiful beaches. Depending on which resort you would choose in Varadero you might end up with a very short beach enclosed by rock outcroppings. Punta Cana as far as I know does not have this problem all beachfront resort have nice long beaches.

Sillyjilly, you can exchange Cuban CUC back into CDN $ at the airport on your way out of Cuba. But you would probably loose on the exchange. They get you coming and going. :-[


hey wuts up.
Me and my buddy headed out to Cuba and had a really good time. Its cheap, the weather is good and exactly the type of place u need if you want to chill or party a bit. You can stay at the resort all day, drink by the pool and if you feel like meeting some ladies there all around.
Have a good time wherever you decide.


Hey Guys,
Been to both - stayed at the RIU in Cuba - very nice resort, beach is great, food okay
Been to Punta Cana 6 times and booked for the 7th time in April/06 - we’ve travelled for 20 years now and we are sold on Dominican by far. We so loved the people, beaches and food in Punta Cana - Good Luck and have an awesome vacation…


DR is IMHO a much better choice. When we were there in Jan. the weather was definitely better in the DR, food better in DR, staff friendlier in DR, exchange of money easier in DR. Would not go back to Cuba unless I won a free trip and unless there was a change (major) in the political climate. I was glad to have the experience but it was not the relaxing holiday I desire.