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Punta cana princess

Hola, I have a few questions about the princess that I hope can be answered. I was wondering what kind of premium drinks are offered? Are the whirlpools located near the pool? Is there a charge to get in the disco if so how much and the price of alcohol after midnight? Also what time does it close? Princess tower casino are you aloud to drink there and if you have the package deal for premium drinks can you get them there? Also what time does it close? Ocean view verses deluxe are you located in the front of building five? Thanks…R

I have not been there in some time, however I’m sure if you post this question in the East Coast Forum you should get at least some responses. BTW a great resort for a wonderful vacation.

Good idea. I moved it to East Coast forum.

:slight_smile: :):)Anyone!!!

Capebretoncaper, we have been there twice, but really can’t answer your questions because we never went to the disco or the casino. As for premium drinks, it was hit or miss (depends what you are looking for). Some nights they came round with a cart during dinner at the buffet with all kinds of liquors etc., but we are not really big on that, we are basically Presidente drinkers and wine at dinner folks. The whirlpool is located at the mini spa, which is a stones throw from the pool.

Sorry I can’t be much more help.

Edited to add: You can see the ocean from buildings 4 and 5, none of which are frontal rooms. From the balcony in these buildings you just look to the left and the ocean is there. I wouldn’t be surprized if you could actually see it from most building blocks if you are in an upper level. The resort is quite small, and really easy to navigate.

If my memory serves me correctly, most of the time it doesn’t :(, I do believe they have Absolut Vodka and beers that are in my opinion NOT premium such as Miller, Heiniken and Bud. However you do have to ask for the premium booze when placing your order.

If there is no ocean view why are they offering it through air transat? They are charging more for ocean view than deluxe. Thanks for answering my questions. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :)Hola from the Cape

If you look at the map you will notice that block 5 does have “sort” of a ocean view even though it does not look straight at the ocean.