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Punta Cana Princess


Has anyone recently stayed at the Punta Cana Princess? Just wanted to know if you have to get up early to get a beach chair and your overall thoughts of the facility.


nice hotel, smaller, adults only and fairly quiet…great stretch of beach, beach beds and chairs are usually available unless its really booked up …only a five minute walk to anywhere in the resort…

Thanks for your response. Much appreciated!

I was there in May 2008 and am returning again in two weeks time. This place is the ultimate. Worth every penny. You won’t be disappointed. As for the chair game, it don’t seem to be played here in such brute force as other resorts along the strip, reason being due to resort size and plenty of loungers to go around. Of course the beds closest to the waters edge go first early in the a.m. What was weird I found was that people flocked to the standard grass palapa’s, where as the 4 poster double-sized beds with canopy were last to go (not everyone is VIP status however). That’s great for me, cause they were the best attribute of the resort anyway and, (thick cushion and large neck roll) and the no kids clause rocked as well. Can’t wait. Happy travels.

Waterlily, it depends when you are going? spdr73 was there in May, not really “high” travel season, so you shouldn’t have much of an issue. We were there Dec 14-28 '08 and poolside mostly was gone by 7:00am (or at least booked). Even watched some come out in their robes to book “their spot” and that’s where they remained most or all of the week. Most palapas (close to the front) were also booked, although you can always find one way at the back.

The beds are slowly being replaced. They are moving to a plastic type material and look really inviting (good move as they were cloth before and the mold on top and underneath was disgusting due to the rain). The supervisors were right on top of it, lifted them, got on the blower and before long they were carted away.

The work they have put into this resort is nothing short of beautiful since we were there the year before (and the year before that) and what they have done to the 24/7 bar/restaurant area overlooking the beautiful sand and ocean is nothing short of breathtaking.

Have a wonderful trip.