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Punta Cana Question


… Is there is a dramatic difference in the calmness of the water north of Punta Cana (Bavaro Beach, Atlantic Ocean) as vs the water south of Punta Cana (say, the La Romana area)? Would different time of year play a role in this? I know if a storm comes up, that’s a different story, but I am asking if, in general, the Punta Cana Atlantic side of island is rougher than the Caribbean side?


La Romana is on the Caribbean Sea and is much calmer than Punta Cana which is on Atlantic Ocean’
Waters in Punta Cana are rougher the further north you go from the airport.


Thank you. Is that a constant, or does it depend on what time of year? I have clients who will be staying in the Majestic Colonial at the end of June, and I had never heard before that the rough waters would be an issue. Now I’m concerned for them, as they specifically requested calm waters. TIA


As hlywud points out, La Romana is on the Caribbean side and the seas will be much calmer than Punta Cana which is on the Atlantic side. That said, the vast majority of the hotels in Punta Cana are behind a rather extensive reef which blocks most of the wave action. Not much gets past it which explains why there are so few sea shells to be found. I visited the Colonial a few years back (while staying at another hotel, the Riu) and my recollection is that on a normal day the beach is pretty calm. There’s just enough wave action to keep things interesting. However, if your clients are looking for millpond calm, they’re not likely to find that.


kcpub answered you email, as bob say no problems with rough water at Majestic Colonial


Thank you, BobfromCanada (I used to live in northern Ontario … loved it there).


Agree that Punta Cana was pretty calm while we we there aside from one day when the wind kicked up…but you’ll get surf from that any place.
Where the boats leave for the Saona Island, it did seem calmer and blue-er in general though. Wasn’t paying real close attention to where exactly we were that day, but I believe that is the Caribbean side.


it is the Caribbean side