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Punta Cana suggestions


Im planning a trip to the Dominican Republic (probably Punta Cana) with a couple of my friends. We are all between 20 and 25. We are looking for some R&R but would like to have some fun at night as well. Are there any places around the hotel where we could head for a good time (clubs, bars, etc.). Any information is helpful.

Thanks ;D


Well for starters, it may be helpful to know which hotel/resort you had in mind.

Most resorts have their own disco, so there’s always that. If you stay @ the Occidental Grand Flamenco you have free access to the nearby night spot Mangu, which is one of the more happening places. (Everyone else has to pay entry. EVERYONE has to pay for drinks tho.) You may also get invites from the locals, offering to take you to where they go. Personally, I have never taken them up on it, but I’m sure it would have been fun.

Regardless, I’m sure you & your friends can make your own fun when going as a group.
Hope you have a great time.


Breezes PUnta Cana has a disco that is alot of fun! It opens up after 10, once the evenings show is over, but it is not REALLY fun until lafter 12, because it is until then that the kids are allowed in. One night, the staff takes the guests to some local night club that was supposed to be fun, but why leave the resort-it’s all inclusive!!!


Try the RIUs and Pacha disco on site…no entrance fee but drinks are cheaper here than Mangu or Areito, another popular spot.
Everyone has different requirments on vacation but you will have a good time in Punta Cana no matter where you pick.
I am not sure I agree with the previous poster talking about going off with locals, or anyone you dont know (strangers!). Use your head, have a good time, and dont do what you wouldnt feel safe doing at home…common sense. :slight_smile:


I am not sure I agree with the previous poster talking about going off with locals, or anyone you dont know (strangers!). Use your head, have a good time, and dont do what you wouldnt feel safe doing at home…common sense.
Of course you would never take off and not use common sense!! However, if your resort takes a group to a local night club, it may be fun to see what the local night life is like.


I would stay at Occidental Grand Flamenco. I stayed there last year and went to Mangu on my last night. It was quite interesting but doesn’t pick up until 1 am. I was out on the beach in the water and sun all day that I was always tired at night. I do know that people from other resorts come to Mangu.

Also, I found on Saturday nights and on another night during the week, Grand Flamenco has a beach party. I loved it. They bring out a bar, and a grill and play music right on the beach. It was quite an experience. Now I try to look for resorts that have a weekly beach party.


RIU BAMBU is definately the way to go–lots of fun and activities during the day and then the dico and the casino at night. We have seen many guest who drink at the Naiboa next door to the casino and then dance at the disco–that way they don’t even have to pay for drinks! :wink:


You just can’t go wrong with any of the RIUs IMHO. They have every thing you could possibly need and then some.


Sounds to me as if a better place for you to go would be the North Coast and Sosua or Cabarete in particular. Being penned in the resorts sounds like a total bummer to me whereas if you stayed in Sosua or Cabarete adventure is right out the resort gate.

As to not going with locals…bah! What they wish to do (generally) is share their beautiful country with you. Contrary to popular belief most Dominican people are not out to get you. Not leaving the resort is not doing yourself justice. You will simply be in another watered down resort instead of a beautiful country with beautiful people.


The original poster did say “likely Punta Cana” and there is lots to do off the resort in PUJ. All one has to do is get out and look around, it is no different than the North Coast as far as being able to share the beautiful country with beautiful people. I know a number of locals from the Cortecito area and do meet up with them and enjoy their company. The only difference that I see between it and Sosua and Cabarete which Phil suggested is that it is spread out and not concentrated in a townlike atmosphere.


Thank-you WUD. I know there are options when leaving the resorts in Punta Cana. Because the origional poster did say “likely” I was giving an alternative that had not been explored by any other consequent posters. My favorite resort is the Casa MArina Reef and that is certainly not because it is a superior property. I like the fact that I can walk out the front gate and be in downtown Sosua where there is a marvelous nightlife that has many possibilities reguardless of what the travelor is looking for.

I feel kind of sorry for folks that stay on the resort and never really have a D.R. experience.


We don’t leave the resort and quite frankly this is one too many snipes at travellers who consciously choose not to go on excursions, befriend Dominican residents, and experience the nightlife and what’s often on these boards referred to as the true Dominican experience.
We have a busy schedule almost 50 weeks/year at home and when we go to the DR, we want to do nothing. Period. It’s a chance to re-charge and rejeuvenate and it’s quite achievable by staying on the resort and kicking back. That’s how we achieve the DR experience.
I can appreciate the fun and interest in excursions and the like, but it’s not what we prefer to do. We never feel like we’ve missed out on something and we quite enjoy doing it our way. We don’t need anyone feeling sorry for us, thank you very much.


Geesh…a snipe? I couldn’t care any less about what anyone else does on vacation. A lot of people are stay on the resort types. It is simply my opinion that anyone that does so MAY be missing out on some wonderful experiences. There are often posts that tell people to stay at the resorts and to be careful etc. and the reps. totally play on this fear. I simply try to add advise as to the wonderful experiences outside of the resorts. Years ago we were stay on the resot types and today we truly feel we wasted those vacations.

I am not trying to convince you to venture out but I do want people to know there is a whole lot of alternatives outside of the resort.


If you are young girls traveling alone please be carefull if you leave the resort with locals or anyone you don’t know for that matter. Remember Becky Middleton from Belleville who was murdered in Bermuda and the American girl who went missing in Aruba


Hula, that is great advise. Know your surroundings. On the other hand don’t let those 2 rather isolated events stated above detract from you being able to enjoy your vacation. Be careful. You are most likely much safer in the D.R. than you are on the streets of your hometown.


I like a bit of both. I don’t stay on the resort 100% of the time, but I don’t feel compelled to leave every day all day either. During a week-long stay at a resort, I like to get out and about the countryside (sometimes on an organized excursion, sometimes not) maybe about three or four times.


I’ve been on vacation with plans to do this and do that - and after a few days the “i don’t wannas” set in and we were perfectly happy to veg at the resort. Other times we went out 4 days of the 7! It all depends on how you feel mentally once you get down there. I’m limited in my outings because I suffer terribly from the heat and humidity - so going out in the afternoon is a killer. I really enjoy going on the snorkel trips - they’re only an hour or two and I get to see something wonderful that I can’t see up here - that’s for sure! I also enjoy meeting other tourists on the resort. I’ve had some lovely afternoons talking to the staff at the resort too.
We’re not much for nightlife, except for the evening shows. It seemed people were having a great time at the Tropical Princess last March great entertainment, a great disco - Arieto? - where the locals also go to dance,and a casino next door.


I love to venture out…I find if I lay around for too long I feel more tired. Just like at home, you will never catch me midafternoon napping or vegging on the couch…so we get off the resort all day as much as we can and we feel so much more energized. we have hectic schedules too, but we just keep pluggin away!!! No offence meandfamily, everyone is different and that is cool. Some people are people watchers or just like to curl up with a good book…but if I go on a trip I want to see the island, because on the resort there is no scenery at all…well on the ocean there is a little. I also like to get out and see the way people live and you can see alot of interesting things when you are out and about.


We try to do at least one excursion…We went to Mayan Riviera last year and did the ruins of Chichen Itza. Was amazing…Some people like veggin… to each his own… Just be careful as I am sure you will


Well aren’t we a bunch of diverse travellers and that is really what draws me as others to this site, a place where you get a variety of opinions and a place were you feel comfortable expressing them.
For me the best holiday is spending ours bobbing in the ocean talking for hours with my partner. We have such hectic time that it is really a time to catch up. We both feel that these holidays are so important to our relationship. For the past two trips we have invite others to come along with us to celebrate life and everyone balances together time with couple time.
The evenings are usually what we reserve for the Dominican experience and part of the reason why we like the RIUs is the disco that is also open to locals.
We are not the leave the resort people–not because of fear as stated earlier I feel safer in the Domincan than I do in Toronto these days. We do not leave because that is not what the holiday experience is to us. We do enjoy meeting people from all over europe that come to visit.
I wonder if those who feel that venturing off the resort adds to the true dominican experience are fluent in spanish??? This I feel would affect how you would cope being off the resort. ::slight_smile: