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Punta Cana vs. Puerto Plata?


Please help me. I am in charge of booking a family vacation for 8 adults and 6 kids all under the age of 9. Money is a consideration but we want a great holiday where the kids can enjoy the beach. Do we go to Breezes in Puerto Plata or is it worth spending an extra 2400.00 and go to Punta Cana Bahia Principe? Those are two resorts that our agent has recommended.??? Please help, I’m so stressed about booking this. We are going Jan 3, 2007 and it is the first all inclusive for two of the families. Thanks so much


$2400 per person, per family, per what? How long are you going for. one or two weeks?


Beaches in Punta Cana are like a postcard; beautiful. Off the resort, not much to see.

Puerto Plata beaches are fine too, lots more to visit away from the hotel.

It depends on the wants and needs of your group. By the sounds of your post, I’d say Punta Cana, but it depends on how much extra $$ is involved.



After having been to both Punta Cana wins hands down. PP is nice as well but Punta Cana is exactly what you would picture on a post card. We found we felt safer in PC as compared to PP. Just our opinon off course. :)In the end, where ever you decide to go you’ll have a blast, I mean, can you really go wrong when vacationing in the Caribbean!


One thing to consider for Puerto Plata is the option of Ocean World for the kids and other excursions that the kids might find fun.

Though I have never stayed at either resort (so take my opinion for what it is worth ;)), I would go for Breezes. I think it has more of a “family oriented” reputation. Also a smaller resort makes it easier for a large group to get organised.



We have been to both. You have to look at each destination for what it offers. We have been to Sosua (Puerto Plata) and enjoyed the ability to walk out into a “real” town and shop and experience the Dominican Republic as opposed to the resort shops of Punta Cana. Without question, the Punta Cana beaches are the best and the resorts are probably a “notch” above some of the Puerta Plata ones but we thoroughly enjoyed our visits to the North Coast too! Puerto Plata is less restrictive to tourists for additional travel where Punta Cana is more restrictive to resort life only. Beach vs culture I think!!!
Punta Cana Beach:


I have been to both and made my decision for my third trip to the d.r. based on my fondest memories of the previous trips.The beaches were nicer in punta cana but my memories are of the smiling faces of the people in puerto plata,caberete,and sosua!I also like the freedom of being able to explore the city and towns of the north coast that you just don’t get when you are stuck on the beach in punta cana.Beaches alone don’t do it for me.


I have been to Breezes Puerta Plata and loved it. However I would not recommend the beach for small children. It drops off quickly, and the waves can be quite rough.

The resort is great, and the food was fantastic. My kids were teenagers when they went, and they loved it.

If it’s a “beach” holiday you want, I would choose Punta Cana. Just my 2 cents.


If you are looking for a truly calm beach experience I can recommend LaRomana - the beach was lovely and the water VERY calm. We were at Casa del Mar and the children around us seemed to be having a great time.


Since I’ve been to both resorts and could find little fault in either one of them IMHO I would find it very hard to decide which to go to. They both offer a great variety of things to do for the adults and for the children. What would I do if I was in your situation…flip a coin. LOL :sunglasses:


I have been to both PP and PC as well. Went to PC with my family twice and agree with the posts… the beaches are spectacular. I went to CMR PP with my 14-year-old daughter a year ago and found the waters rough and were only allowed to swim once in 7 days (oh but what a day it was … still slightly rough but the most memorable day for my daughter. I can still hear her laughter). Sosua was right outside of our door and we did have more of an opportunity to see the real DR. Having said this, if you are looking for a beautiful beach for your children, I would lean towards recommending PC.


Does it rain everyday towards the end of august in Punta Cana? We are thinking of going 08/18-08/25? Last years weather report shows overcast all day during that week. Is that typical of this time of year.


If you are looking for a beach holiday then you could not possibly go wrong with the Bahia. One reason for the price difference is the beach quality. But if you want to expose your children to Dom culture then you need to venture to PP. A point to remember that organized excusions can become quite costly for large groups. If you are like our family and this holiday is a chance to soak in the sun, relax and enjoy each others company then I reccomend travelling to Punta Cana where you will have a relaxing and carefree holiday. Just a note about alacarte reservations --the Bahia can accomadate large table reservations at their alacartes but you do need to make them when you first arrive. One person can go to guest services with all of the room numbers and set-up the reservations.


Have you consider Breezes Punta Cana in lieu of Breezes POP? Both are family resorts and I would assume that the prices would be comparable to those at Breezes POP. We have stayled a several Superclubs resorts and loved all of them and are going to Breezes PC in October.


Hi nov7baby,

I agree with the other board members, Punta Cana has the picture postcard white sand beaches :sunglasses: I stayed at the Grand Paradise PC and found the waves were a bit too rough for me (I play in the water, but am not much of a swimmer) With six kids all under 9 yrs. just a thought :-/
I really liked the Gran Ventana Resort, POP. It is family oriented and the beach (although not white sand is very nice) Also, the water is more shallow in front of this resort, with some coral & fishes for the kids to see :sunglasses: Plus, the Playa Dorada complex offers lots of activities very close to the resort. A plus in my books.


I would lean towards Punta Cana just for the beach and calmer water (in my experience). Don’t feel restricted to your travel agent recommendations though. I would also look at pricing for the Riu’s, Ocean Sands/Blue, and Iberostars to name a few.

If you are looking at POP then I personally would check out Coral Marien, Riu’s (great for kids but red flags for waves when I was there in January), Iberostar, and Grand Ventana too.

Will you be using a kids club? Have a read of Debbies “Travel with Kids page” for reviews. There’s some helpful stuff.

Sorry haven’t ventured in August so not sure of weather! Good luck!