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Punta Cana Weather in the next week?


Are the rumours true that another possible storm is developing just off the east coast of Punta Cana…anyone clarify this??


If you go to the 15 day forecast in the east coast forum you will find no major storms for-casted. There was I believe one or two days of a possible thunderstorm which were suppose to occur in the morning. The weather in the DR. is just like at your home province or state, unpredictable for a full week.


The tropical depression you speak of has formed and is already south of the DR and following along behind Wilma, there are no predictions of a DR strike. I could develop into another hurricane in the next 36 hours


Tropical depression…quick somebody get Mother Nature some Prozac…we’ve had enough already this year!!


How did you get that pic…and the pic you put up in the post, is that a prediction or where the storm currently is? Cause I looked on radar and the storm seems to be off to the east coast right now…is that a prediciton for where it would be in the next 36 hours?
I’m worried because I’m leaving in 2 days and don’t want to be in punta cana when there is a storm heading around there!


Hola kbraler: Wud’s map was a prediction map. So in 36 hours it will be south of the DR and maybe a tropical depression. But it will be moving WNW leaving the DR alone except for some showers/rain. I leave Wed., and by then it will be long gone.

Don’t worry. Where are you going?? We’ll be at STB.

Mike & Cyndie - The Maineacs


Thanks for responding so fast…
That really makes me feel comfortable about our trip…we leave in two days so i guess were gonna hav to put up with bad weather the first day or two…
Were staying at the Bahia Principe…Have a great trip
Thanks for the info…but where do you guys get this from??


I have a link on each forum that takes you to a 15 day forecast as well


15 day is here


I’m leaving for Punta Cana on Monday, and I’m getting really nervous. I’m trying to think positive thoughts and will away any storms, hurricanes, and whatever else Mother Nature might want to throw at us. :slight_smile:


Tropical storm Alpha should be gone on Monday or early Tuesday, it took an abrupt right hand turn and crossed Hispanola on the western end. At 11 am it was almost to the Atlantic side of Haiti.