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Punta Cana - what money to use?

I had an email from the resort in regards to my room request and she mentioned that the money used there was Dominican Pesos and that US dollars are not available at the hotel. Do they take US dollars in the Punta Cana area? I was planning on taking US money with me but maybe should wait and get pesos from the ATM? PLease help. Thanks.

I have always used $US when at resorts. I rarely exchange my US dollars for pesos - only if we leave the resort. I have never heard of a resort in the DR not taking US dollars? Anyone else?

What she probably meant to say is that you cannot get US dollars when you cash in, say, travellers cheques, as they will almost always give you Dominican Pesos. You can probably go the entire trip without the need to spend Pesos…

We used US dollars in the local shops but we could have used Pesos if we had them.

Okay that’s good to know. Thanks everyone.

It’s been my experience that you get a better deal by using US dollars. For example if the exchange rate is 35 pesos to the dollar, for a TWO-DOLLAR item they might charge you 80 PESOS in order to encourage you to pay in US dollars…

One thing I may try this year is, if paying in $US, demand any change in $US instead of $RD. They do have $US, if most tourists are paying with $US. If they say “no”, then I don’t buy.


All the ATM machines at the resorts give out Pesos only. I find its always wise to bring some US dollars with you, you never know. We did a late check-out and paid $40US at the front desk.
Funny, we did some a few small purchases and never thought I might get back $RD, I always received my change in $US. Maybe some resorts are starting to do that now.


Obviously, if they give you change in pesos, you will have to spend them prior to leaving the country, if it is US$, you could take them home. They would much rather you spend it in their country - (we just keep the leftover pesos until next year).

We had about 8000 pesos left over when we were done our holiday, and I just took them to the RBC here in town, and they exchanged it for me. Got 33 pesos for the dollar in Punta Cana, and got 31 back from the bank, so they didnt clawback that much…was surprised.

We usually get pesos before we leave and 1s and 5s in US before we leave…exchange rate with RBC wasnt bad compared to some of the PC Cambios