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Punta Cana write up in USA today

Interesting read. :smiley:

Thanks Capt. interesting read. It is only going to get better as time goes on.

Rod :sunglasses:

A lot of interesting information, let’s hope that it comes to fruition.
A lot of the data is quite incorrect, it says 30 resorts when in fact there are 84 resorts along the coast line.
To build a new highway that will decrease the time to Santo Domingo to Punta Cana from four hours to about an hour and a half, is not even a remote possibility. I look at how long the have been building the 4 lane highway from the airport north towards Cortecito and it is far from being done. We must remember that the time projection show by the USA Today writer doesn’t account for what we commonly know as “Dominican time” ;D

that writer should have gathered real concrete info instead of reading brochures and some announcements and then interpreting such.
like WUD wrote,
the little highway which should connet the airport with bavaro and uvero alto is still far from completion.
it will take a long while before we have a road from PC to St Dgo within a 1 1/2 hrs ride, but it is in process, since a longer while of course.
i.e. the first parts from the highway towards the capital city need urgently renovations due to their bad conditions after they got openend to the public a while ago.
the residences are really booming over here, as condo rentals and sales and as villas rentals and sales, and very lucrative in case of rates compared to the worldwide downwards running market for such.
and yes, there are huge future projects been started, like Cap Cana which is actually looking for it’s liquidity, and the beautiful Westin RocoKi, this one is behind shedule but in process, looks great and is actually sheduled to open first parts during fall 2009. for the Marina there i would count an other 2 more years, lot of work to do still, but a beautiful place.
for the reputation of the area as a investors attraction i really hope the big guys will find a good solution for their actual Cap Cana problem, it is a very important project for the image of the area, even that other projects who are up and running seriously have nothing to do with financial mismanagement on that one.

could someone please explain that writer that Punta Cana is not a Peninsula like i.e. Samana is. PC is simply the overall name for the middle and southern portion of the east coast of the island Hispaniola.

i could actually not name a more attractive area for condo/villa investments,
just check out the investments administrations before a purchase.
happy travel