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Q's for ones who have brought a infant under 6 mts


What was it like bringing your infant? We are nervous about either forgetting something and especially about the formula thing. We were going to buy the ready to serve formula but have never used it before. We don’t want to short change ourselves on it and not have enough. Our son will be 3 or 4 months old when we go and how do we protect him more from the sun/heat if you can’t put sunscreen on a infant? any info on your experience will be greatly appreciated. thanks.


Took our grandson 10 months old, formula and baby cereal and food packed in a carry on, they allowed this and along with a stroller at no extra cost.
Sun hat and palapa or shade tree are a must. Infant suncreen is available at the pharmacy.
Child flew on mothers lap only cost was for the tourist card $17, he along with a 3 year old had a great time with a float we had paled and blew up when we got down there.


thanks for the tips! I will keep in in consideration when we go this winter. What kind of id do they need? just birth certificate?


one tip i can give you is that even the bottled water need to be boiled before giving it to baby and also before using to sterilise things.


Not to scare you or anything - but my FH’s sister has a 9 month old baby (by the time we were to leave). We are getting married in PC. Anyhow, her doctor told her that no baby should be going to the DR without immunization/vaccinations, but at that age, they are too young to have these done. So, they cannot come to our wedding anymore because Malaria is “high” in DR, it may not be a “pandemic” currently, but it exists in the DR and was told that should the baby get sick at all - it could be a big chance she may not make it…??? I would check with your doctor seeing as that was for a 9 month old - 3 or 4 months could be riskier?


While is disagree that Malaria risk is high, the PHAC alert for the DR has not been updated since January 2006.
There are warnings posted for Jamaica but not the DR.

As far as kids vacinations, my grandsons doctor said going would be no problem…so each doctor gives a different story.

But it is best to check with your personal physician and go with whatever they say, they will be one who has to treat you.


i asked my dr and she said " no problem" just keep him out of the sun and keep him very hydrated.


Original Birth Certificate will do, no picture i.d. is expected but he must be in the company of the both parents otherwise you will need a notarized letter from the non travelling parent allowing the child to travel.


We have travelled with our now 3yr old frequently.
Because my wife and I have diferent last names with cover ourselves. We all have passports and it is REQUIRED that we carry our sons long form birth cert. It differs from the rgular birth cert because it has both of our full names amd signatures.
We are leaving for Puerto Plata on Jan 7th and we are talking a 7 mos as well this time and he even has a passport.
Good luck


Don’t forget to bring water diapers from home- some people at our resort forgot theres and they couldn’t find any in Puerto Plata. It made the Huggies very heavy in the pool.