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Québec City man loses life

Unfortunately, a Québec City man lost his life on his last minutes of vacation. He was staying at the Grand Paradise, when a big wave suddenly washed his wife off shore. The man was succesfull in saving his wife, but did not make it himself. Three Dominican’s tried as well to save him, and two were rushed to hospital via ambulance. Show’s you the force and unpredictability of Mother Nature.

To all of you planning a trip or there right now, BE CAREFULL, never swim alone, we always think this only happens to other’s…

My deepest sympathies to the family…

Here is link from Québec City Newspaper ( French )



This is terrible news and my condolences.

Now, I’m not trying to be funny and I can’t read french, but are you saying she was just standing on the shore and she “was suddendly washed off the shore”?

I can’t find any reference to this on canoe.ca and the word ‘archive’ in the link could mean it’s old news. Never the less, the advice is good.

I just ran it through a translator and it turns out they were just standing along the shore in the water up to their knees. That was one strong current that took her out. Terrible story.

Here is the link.

BFC, this is fresh news.

Bon courage et mes sympathies à la famille


Gracias. I found it just before you posted the link.

That is sad news.

My condolences to his wife and family.

here is a English version,


sorry that i don’t read french.
the english version does not even mention the wife and neither that he been washed from the beach to the ocean, would be a new kind of current here to me from prior mentioned just knee deep waters. the english version states that he been for a swim in the ocen.
can somebody translate the french version and post it so we can read the full one?
my condolences to the family

ive searched hi and low , info seems to be pretty scarce at the moment,…

Hey Mike,

It state’s, Husband and wife were knee deep in water, when a huge wake struck them and pulled them into the ocean. The man was succesfull at saving his wife, but could not manage to save his. An unseccesfull rescue attempt was done by 3 Dominican’s, 2 of whom were rushed to hospital by ambulance. A doctor on site at the beach could not ressucitate the poor man…


Very sad story…Been to Grand Paradise about 2 years ago and the waves are very strong…

thanks for the translation assist Epopino.
that’s a very sad accident, wow.
i’ve not been on the beaches up in northern bavaro on new years day,
down here in cabeza de toro when i remeber it well the water been calm, but here we are in a completely closed and far from the braking reef Bay, so that can not be compared to the much rougher area where the grand paradise, barcelo Puj, majestic and bahia are located. if they had such a strong surf i really wonder why the hotel/watersports center did not close the beach for swimmers/put the flaggs up. does the article mention if the beach been flagged or open?
such sea conditions/surf condition do never appear from one moment to an other, it is a upcoming process and can be forseen byt the experienced staff working on the water. such accidents should never happen, as long as visitors do not act against the flaggs on the beaches with no life guards on duty.

I understand Mike, But no mention at all if the red flag’s were up or not! Just one of those freaky accident’s i guess, it’s unfortunate but it happen’s.
I’ve printed the article for my 18yr old son who is leaving on the 12th for VIK… He better be carefull, or he will have to deal with me…

Take Care

I wonder if he hit his head on some of that rock that is in the water at that area. Our last time at the Majestic Colonial I don’t remember there being big waves of any kind, that was around the 27th Jan. Weird story, I too wonder if the flags should have been out or were out and were ignored. I hope we hear more about this story. Very unfortunate story for the traveling family but as well for the folks that tried to save him that ended up in trouble and in hospital. We are staying at Majestic Elegance on the 17th Jan - hope it’s calm seas then. Yikes.

Hi everyone,
just got back on the site as we are counting down for our return to NH Real on Feb. 6 to 13. Wanted tocheck for updates etc.
I also recevied a call from my sister who lives in Stoneham, quebec City last evening. The man who lost his life is my sister’s best friend’s brother. My sister knew him very well.

From what I am being told, the were staying at Grand Paradise but were on the beach next door where a new resort is being built. If a resort is being built, I can’t imagine that there would be much security/life guards etc. flags and/or posted warnings???

All the articles and reports are very consistent and accurate. They were only in knee deep water when a huge wave knocked Marlene (the wife) out and the current was dragging her out to sea. Michel went in to bring her back but it became apparent that the current was far too strong. He managed to get her to turn on her back and dragged her towards the beach where her other friend was able to bring her back to the beach. From what I was told, Marlene thought that she was going to die and even told Michel to stop coming towards her as she did not want him to die with her.

3 locals jumped in to try and help Michel. They were able to get to him but he was ot responding and a doctor whobecame curious with all the commotion tried to revive him but it was too late.

Here’s the quicker: after the body was picked up and some of the paperwork was cleared by Tours Mont rRyal who was according to my sister, the best people to deal with, the body cannot just be put on a plane. It has to be embalmed or cremated in DR. cost $800.00 CASH. No credit cards acepted.

Now, they were to borad the plane that evening for their return home. their 21 year old son was also retuning form 1 week in Cuba. Their flights were coming in to the airport 2 hrs appart and they were to reunite at the airport and share the ride home. Marlene’s sister had to scramble to get to the airport to meet with the 21 year old who could not understand why the airline complany would not give information as to why his parents had not arrived from Punta Cana.

This is just so terrible. I would like everyone to join Shawn and I in offering our sincere Condoleances to Marlene and the kids. I would also like to send all my thoughts to Marlene to be strong. Marlene please remeber how blessed you are to have been loved so much by Michel that he did not not even stopped to think about his own safety but was only concerned with yours.


My condolences to the families…

Just reading the part about the embalming or cremation charges…

Back in 2007, when we were at the Costa Caribe Coral in Juan Dolio, there was a similar occurance, where someone lost their life in the ocean. The family in that case couldnt go home immediately either, because they also had to have the body prepared after the ‘autopsy’. They were at the resort for another 9 days before they could leave with their lost loved one.
This was a family from Mississauga…family of 9… the son who was lost, was spending his last vacation with his family before moving away… so very sad…

What a horrible thing to happen. The ocean can indeed be unpredictable.

**A timely reminder about riptides (if that’s what happened here). **

Never try to swim straight back to shore. Riptides are relatively narrow currents that run vertically from the beach out to sea. Most people panic and try to swim back to shore and they drown due to exhaustion. Instead, swim parallel to the beach and you will eventually pop out of the riptide and be able to make your way back to shore.

Very sad news indeed. My deepest condolences to the family. :frowning:

yes Pat,
right about a riptide, but even most strong and self confident swimmers forget that once caught in one, it is very easy to panic and react wrong in the water.
i am really sorry for the family who lost the father and husband.
for every furture visitor there can be only one advise:
as long as you are not at your own homebeach which you know like the back of your hand, don’t go to unwatched/unsecured/abandonded areas to play with natures powers.
and for the watched areas at the resorts, accept the flaggs and act accordingly.
aside of very few exceptions our beaches in Punta Cana are not watched by any Lifeguards.
save travels to everyone