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Quebec school bus in Varadero?


Just got back from Varadero yesterday and I’m totally puzzled as to why there is a school bus from Quebec there. I saw it twice, it says “Ecoliers” on it and it’s a “Blueberry” which is made in Canada, I believe. Any clues, anybody? I’ve brought some strange stuff with me to Cuba, but folding up a school bus and fitting it into my suitcase would be beyond my capabilities!


These buses have been sent to Cuba for years if not decades.
An amusing sight but not an oddity in the great scheme.


Cool, though, eh?


There’s a yard in Havana, near the airport, where there are about 30 old Quebec school buses.
Now THAT is a senior year trip. ( How long would it take them to drive from Q city)? :slight_smile:


I was in Cuba in 1972 and we rode an old Ontario school bus on a tour of sugar cane and banana plantations. Since I was a kid at the time, a school bus was a school bus to me, but my parents got quite a kick out of it.

And I’ll bet you dollars to doughnuts that bus is still running!


Many of old Montreal city buses are still running in Havana.


Huh…learn something new every trip!