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Quest. re: reception at Melia Caribe Amphitheatre

We’re having our wedding reception this year at the Amphitheatre at the Melia Caribe. Just wondering if anyone has been there or had a reception there that could answer some questions:

  1. Pros and cons of location
  2. anywhere close by to change or freshen up?
  3. will they fire up the columns? (I’ve seen in brochures)
  4. when did they kick you out? (Hoping to stay longer)
  5. Did you like the spot?
  6. Do you have pictures you can share?
  7. Did you have music and how was the equipment they provided?

Thanks guys, really worried about the location not turning out. Any help is appreciated!

When are you getting married? We’re having our reception there too- so i’m interested to hear reviews!!

Hi there,

Just wondering about the amphitheater as well. I’m not getting married until October but I was wondering if I should be inquiring about possible reception sites now before they are booked up? I thought I wouldn’t have to worry about this stuff until 1-2 months before the wedding…I’m I doing this all wrong?

Hi Everyone,

We too are having our reception in the Amphitheatre in May. Anyone with any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
We didn’t know that the columns could be lit up. Also, does anyone know what happens in case it rains?


If the weather is iffy, Emy Rose told me we have up until 12pm on the day of the wedding to decide whether you want to hve it outside or to move the reception inside…Hope that helps!

I had my reception at the Amphitheatre in April of last year. It was AMAZING! The food was excellent, we chose the Tropical Fairy Tale package!! It was private and it was a large area. The weather was PERFECT! There is a bathroom located just up the stairs…however we had time between the ceremony & the reception, so everyone went back to their rooms and then we met in the lobby bar, then Emy Rose gathered us and we all rode the train over to the amphit together. If you want the fire, that is a special order for an additional cost. We brought our IPOD which I made a playlist of Jack Johnson, some carribean steel drum music (a CD I bought on line), etc and they had speakers which we just plugged the IPOD into for no add’l charge. We stayed for a while, but we only had water/soda/wine/champaign to drink and people wanted to party so we went to one of the bars where the Gabi Club had entertainment, which happened to be a DJ that night, so it was perfect. We danced until 2am. I do have pictures, I did bring my own chair sashes because the Melia only has a few colors available. Here is a link to our professional pictures: http://picasaweb.google.com/kots920/KontnyWeddingPuntaCana#

I have set up pictures from the reception, but not sure how to get them on here without showing all our pictures. I’ll see if I can figure that out.

Ok, think I got it…here are some add’l pictures:
everyone on the train ride to dinner: http://i49.photobucket.com/albums/f276/magyver1/punta%20cana/DSC02354.jpg
reception pics:

If you have any more questions, let me know. Our whole group had an excellent time!!! We are all ready to go back, people keep asking us when we are going to renew our vows. ha ha.

boardgirl: thanks for sharing your pics! They are wonderful you look gorgeous and I absolutely LOVE your dress! I am also getting married on the beach, is the set-up that you had the standard way the Melia sets it all up or was any part of that extra? Thanks!

boardgirl: Your pictures are beautiful! Thanks for sharing.
We have also reserved the Amphitheatre for our reception. I have been trying to find it on the map of the resort that I found online. Is the Amphitheatre also referred to as the Turey Grill Restaurant?

Thanks everyone for all your help!

nataliejp519: Thank you so much!!! Plus the backdrop I think helped :wink: ha ha. As for the beach ceremony, that was the standard set up, but I did ask for the covered chairs. You can set up differently if you’d like, just make sure they can do it. If you want different flowers, I would ask now to make sure they special order them & see what the add’l cost would be. A lot of brides didn’t want to do the beach becuz it’s not private. However, I never noticed a single person walking by, I was too focused on other things!!! And as you can see by our photos, the photographer does a GREAT job of making sure there are no “extras” in the background.

gdiamond: Thank you as well!!! There are 2 Amphitheatre’s, one on the Melia side and one on the Tropical side (they are both buffet’s during the day). I got the Turey, luckily. The other amphitheatre was already booked with another wedding reception (El Agora). I rec’d a really nice resort info packet from someone at the Melia, but not the WC. I can forward it to you.

Thanks boardgirl! Yeah, Emy did tell make sure that I knew that the beach is public and that there could be random on-lookers. But I’m totally fine with that. I just loooove how the blue water looks, it will truly be something special both me and FI will remember, and our guests too!

boardgirl: I would greatly appreciate it if you would forward me the resort info. When I booked the wedding with Melia I requested the Amphitheatre but was not told that there are options. Is there many differences between the 2?

Thanks again for all your help.

gdiamond: I need to get your email, its a PDF file and I don’t know how to attach that onto this forum. I tried, but it didn’t work.
The amphitheatre’s are exactly the same. The resort used to be 2 separate places, now combined into 1. One was the Tropical, one was the Caribe. Now its the Melia Caribe Tropical.

One night they had a party set up on the beach and I thought that would have been PERFECT place for a wedding reception dinner. They had plam leaves surrounding it, to make a fence, then strung lights from the trees above. It was so pretty. We went there to check it out that night and danced on the beach, it was so fun. I think they should also have that as an option for dinner, but it might be too much to cart all the food out there, etc etc.