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Question about changing money?



I’ve been a frequent visitor to this site, but this is the first time posting.

I’m leaving for Punta Cana, DR in about a week and a half and its our first time there (Last year we were in Cuba twice). We are staying at the Bahia Principe.

What currency should we be taking with us (Canadian or US) and is it necessary to convert to pesos?

Also where can you convert your money?

Thanks for the help!


I would take $US and make sure there is a lot of small denomination bills ($1) for tipping.
$US is accepted everywhere.


You may change into pesos if you need to at the hotel lobby since there isnt anywhere to change in walking distnace of this property. Just be sure to change as you need to as they cant be converted back at the end of your vacation! Enjoy!


We took Canadian travellers cheques in US funds, US small bills. Visa/Mastercard. Also had Canadian $ which we never had a problem changing even with some of the venodors in the market in Sousa. US much better rate though. Do make sure you take lots of small US bills for tipping as the other poster has suggested.


The key phrase here is “Canadian travellers cheques in US funds”. You need your pasport (or very good id) to cash a TC. And, yes you can exchange $CDN, but the exchange rate is generally horrible. I would also avoid using credit cards anywhere but at the hotel or to pay for tours.


Like BobFromCanada said try and avoid using your credit card as I had a friend who used his off of the resort and he got triple billed. It took him months to get it straighted around with the credit card company. Ask for all copies that are yours. They ( the credit cards) are quite safe to use however in the resort itself.
Just be careful when using the card.