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Question about checking in

I read a tip on here to take a taxi from the airport rather than taking the bus so that you can beat the rush when checking in. I like this idea but I am travelling with 3 children (including a baby) so most of us have to be on the bus with them.

Can one person from our party go ahead in a taxi and check in for all of us? We are two families in 2 rooms only. Or do both parties have to be there to check in?

Thanks in advance.

Never tried it, but if you read “What to Expect” on Debbie’s Dominican board, it states that all must present themselves at the same time, so that the wristbands can be attached.

It’s probably the same in Cuba.


Which resort are you going to?

Ya, that makes sense, I forgot about the wristbands. We are going to Blau Colonial in Cayo Coco. The reason I want to beat the line is that we paid for a supersaver room but I really want to try and upgrade to the renovated rooms there and I figured if we arrived earlier, we could try and swing something.

lol…cheater :slight_smile: