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Question about switching resort mid trip

We will be at one resort in PUJ from Sunday-Wed, then switching mid trip to another resort, Staying Thursday-Sunday (long story)

But what do you recommend. Can we stay at resort #1 by the pool/bar etc. till we need to leave to check in at #2, or should we just head to #2 early and try to get an early check in.

Oh, #2 is Majestic Elegance - Adults only section.

I don’t know what is best. I just dont want to cut the entire day in half.

I’d stay at resort #1 until you are sure you can get checked in at resort #2, even if you have to check out and wait a bit. They won’t take your armband when you check out. Taking a chance on an early check in is dicey at best. After all someone has to vacate that room and housekeeping has to prepare that room for new guests.

ok awesome! that answers my question perfectly. we’ll probably head to ME around 3:00 or so.