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Question on shoes!


I’ve read that men need to wear closed toed shoes to dinner along with long pants. How about the women, is open toed ok? If not I need to go shopping and find something to take with me!

I leave for Ocean Blue this Saturday morning and JUST thought about this!

Help! :o


I will be at Princess Punta Cana and was told open sandals are fine most everywhere for women.



yup pretty much women can wear what ever they want but men must wear long pants and close toed shoes at most resorts! Sometimes you can get away with it but why chance having to go all the way back to oyu room just to change shoes and then be late for you dinner reservation.
sorry i missed the point that you are going to ocean blue as there is no reservations for a la cartes they are come as you wish! You no, come to think about it i didn’t see any guys wearing sandles except once at route 66 and that was it, but most guys were dressed nice for the evening.


men MUST wear closed shoes, but women seem to be able to wear anything fashionable


Thanks so much guys!

I didn’t want to get stuck down there not being able to go to dinner if I just took sandals!

I already warned my boyfriend about the closed toed shoes and the long pants…I don’t think he was amused, but I’m sure he’ll get over it! :wink:


That does not apply to all resorts. Your boyfriend can wear running shoes.

I’ve seen it posted at one resort that women were not allowed to wear flip flops to the restaurants, other than that, women can get away with just about anything. I don’t know why the double standard, bare feet are bare feet.


Never had a problem with closed toed shoes for men at any resort that I have travelled to, but from what I hear the Melia Caribe Tropical does insist on it. That’s where we plan to go next April. Very odd to me!


Check with the resort you are staying at for their policy on shoes at it does vary for resort to resort. Several I have been to allow women to wear just about any type of shoe there is while others are very strict with their policy :sunglasses:


I took only one pair of crocs for the week, was perfect at the beach and going for supper. And very light weight for you luggage. IMHO, that’s all you’d need


I ALWAYS wear flip flops to dinner and have never had a problem at any resorts I’ve stayed at.


Well as stillgotit says, check with the resort to avoid an unpleasant surprise.


We stayed at the Ocean Sand last fall and I wore sandals with long pants and there was never a problem. We did see people turned away for wearing shorts.


I should have added that it was men wearing shorts.


The restaurants at the Melia are very strict about this rule. We were just there last week and my brother-in-law was turned away from one because he had on slacks and sandals. He was told he could wear sneakers. So once he changed he was allowed in. After that we noticed a lot of the men in slacks and sneakers to go to dinner.


Hola: I have always worn long pants and nice sandals (not flip-flops) and I have never had a problem. That is for 7 trips to the DR. I still bring a pair of shoes, just in case. I figure if I didn’t bring shoes then that would be the time that I would be turnde away.

As everyone has said, check with the resort before you leave.

Mike & CYndie - The Maineacs