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Question: RHE "Spa Section" vs. "Suite Section"?

When checking the reviews, it sounds like the “suite” section of this resort is fantastic–but what about the “spa” section? It is about $1000 extra per person for the “suite” section so I am wondering whether it is worth it…or for that matter, if the “spa” section is worth considering.

I stayed at the spa section on our trip. It is close to the main building and restaurants. Our room was very nice. When we go back we would stay in the spa section or hideaway again. You can’t go to the one restaurant @ the suite section if you stay on the spa side. But for me I don’t spend a lot of time in my room only to sleep.

I will also add that the suite section is VERY far from the main building which has the buffet and disco, and you have MUCHO privacy there!
The benefit to the suite is a much bigger and nicer room, and the ability to have a butler come and cook in your room.
For me, that is not a benefit. I want to be out in the air, not crammed in my room.
The spa pool is VERY nice.