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Questions about Playa Naco Resort.... first timer


I need help!!! This will be my first time to the Dominican. :smiley: After reviewing a few resorts my first choice is Gran Ventana but the prices have went up so we’re now considering Playa Naco (Tropical Playa Dorado). Can anyone tell me what the food is like there?? Is this a good beach?? we would prefer no big waves or very little and would like to try snorkeling. Any info. or tips would be appreciated. Thanks!!


First of all, make sure you get a room without carpet. Carpeted room have a bad smell because it retains the moisture. Go check your room and if you’re not happy with it, go back to the desk and they will be happy to help you with the change. The beach is the nicest on the Playa Dorada and the resort is oceanfront. There are no big waves (practically none). Somedays, the water is very clear and other it’s a little cloudy but the sand is very nice. It’s a 3 stars hotel and the food is very good. They have a nice salad bar, and fresh meat, rice, etc. Everyday has a different theme like oriental, dominican, international, etc… Not all rooms have a balcony and some some have a little fridge. It’s basic, but very clean.
If you have any other specific questions, I’ll try to answer them.


Thanks! we’re looking at a superior room (with balcony or terrace) and fridge. Is there any specific building or floor that we should request? my main concern was the food and a good beach location so as long as this place is rated highly with both of those then I’m good. Also, do you know if they have a free shuttle to Sosua? we’d like to have a day trip there


Block 16 is right on the beach and has junior suite with a fridge and a balcony. That’s all I know about the rooms and as I said previously, no carpet! Here’s a link to Playa Naco resort map:
Playa Naco is on the Playa Dorada Beach.

There is no free shuttle to Sosua but you can take a guagua (public transportation) across the street of the main entrance of Playa Dorada. You just stand on the side of the road and the guagua will stop to pick you up. A guagua looks like an older model extended Toyota van. It transports mostly locals and tourists. If a van stops and it’s empty, it’s not a guagua, it’s a private taxi. The guagua is about 50 pesos but we gave the fare collector 1US each and you pay on your way out. It’s a 30 minute reide to Sosua. Make sure you ask the driver to let you off at the Playa. You go down some steps, and there you are: Sosua beach on one side and a long fleamarket on the other. Never pay more that 1/3 of the price they ask, and they expect you to deal with them for the price. You can also get a taxi in front of the Playa Dorada Plaza but it’s more expensive. I think it’s 20US two ways and the driver will come back for you. We changed our money to pesos at the Plaza. Make sure you visit Checkpoint Bar. It’s an open air bar, operated by 2 very nice Canadians. It’s at the other end of the beach, up the street. Here’s a link to a Sosua map to help you:

If the link doesn’t work, go to their website : www.checkpointsosua.spaces.live.com
You will find the link to a Sosua map on their website.

You might want to visit the Supermercado across the street from Texaco in Sosua. It’s very close to Checkpoint. The rum is cheaper there than at the flea market. We paid about 7US for extra viejo (extra old).

When you come back, make sure the guagua driver lets you off at the second entrace of Playa Dorada Complex. Otherwise, the walk is about 45 minutes to Playa Naco.

Good luck


Wow, that’s awesome. Thanks for all the info!! We are also going to Ocean world for the day and want to do a jeep safari but if you can think of anything else that we shouldn’t miss or should know about it I’d appreciate it.


I haven’t been to Ocean World yet but Jeep Safari is awesome. Especially with Monster Truck.
http://www.popreport.com/MTS/ Full day, 85$US
http://www.outback-safaris.com/english/$80 US

Check this link for things to do in Puerto Plata area: