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Questions and loads more questions please!



Most of the trips run about $60 US per person. Ocean World and Outback Safari as well as others have excellent websites which give you prices.

Temps - should be hot - about 29 - 32 C during the day in June.

To buy potato chips or Pringles in the DR is very expensive. In Playa Dorado, I think I saw Pringles for $6 US a can - we pay about $1 US here. Snack items like that are about all we take so that we can have them with a drink in our room as we relax.

At an all inclusive, there shouldn’t be a lot you will need to buy - maybe extra for lobster and/or better quality of wine. Everything else should be included. That being said, there may or may not be a charge for safety deposit box, any spa services, but, these can be charged to your room and then settled with your credit card at the end of your stay.

The US dollar is widely accepted in the DR. Tipping and shopping in town can be done in US.

We always bring an insulated mug with a lid so the ice in our drink doesn’t melt so fast in the sun. In the morning, we like lots of ice cold water and later rum & coke. If you go down to the beach, they also keep the sand out. It has NOTHING to do with sanitary conditions at the hotel.

As far as tipping - that is an individual thing. If someone is doing a good job, a tip is in order. If they are rude, why would you tip… same as at home. When in the restaurant, you do not pay for the meal but, we do kind of figure $5 US if an a la carte - maybe $1 US in a buffet if water, coffee or (in evening) wine glass kept full.

Hope that helps - haven’t stayed at that particular hotel so cannot say specifics.




How much money you bring depends on what you want to buy or services you want. If you want souveniers or services from the spa etc, then bring more money.

What do you want to buy at the supermarket? Your food is included so unless you want to buy snacks such as chips and pretels, there is not much you will need from the supermarket. Supermarkets may not take American $ so you will have to exchange for pesos. To pay for your trips, American $ are fine. I would take all American and if need be, exchange it to pesos there. Check with your resort but most have a place where you can change money.

People bring their own mugs because they hold more and by reusing the same mug, there is less garbage produced (ie, no need for a new plastic cup each time you get a new drink).

Tipping is a personal matter. I leave the maid $1-2, I give the bellman $1-2. I don’t think there is a need to tip everytime you go to the bar, maybe once a day and then once during the evening, if the same barman serves you several times.

In June you will be looking at temperatures in the 30 C.

I hope this helps


Hey John

Don’t worry–your questions are not silly. $1000 for the two of you should be more than enough. Last time I went I brought $250 (for myself) and ended up bringing some home. I spent the money on one trip and used it for tips. I don’t use the spas and I don’t go trinket shopping anymore since I go to the DR every year and have every trinket I need.


There is no point in taking pesos because you will probably get a horrible exchange rate outside of the DR.
Most places will gladly accept US$ but the vast majority of them give terrible rates.
The Cambio at the airport is one of the best anywhere next to the Western Union in the Playa Dorada Plaza.
Definately do not change any money at the hotel reception.
Some resort have bank cambios on-site which give good rates but again check around.
The rate for L’s is pretty good.
You won’t get fleeced like us Canadians Loonies.