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Questions from Panama First Timer?

If you need ice while at the resort, it is no problem to go to any bar and get some. Popositos is more or less a restaraunt. I have never seen styrofoam coolers for sale there. Only food and beer. I would think it would be no problem to get one in Penome. I would also check the two small grocery stores in the Village next door to Decameron. The one that is the furthest away from the resort seems to be a little bigger, carried more stuff. If you go down to Woody’s bar I am sure Woody or Monique would be able to tell you were to buy one. You can also pack a soft sided cooler bag in your luggage.

Thanks refchief Had thought of going to Woody’s for a drink to check things out anyway. And I do have a cooler bag in my luggage whenever I travel but just thought I would check out re foam ones. Thanks again.