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Questions regarding Bahia Principe upgrades

Hello to all, this is going to be our 8th time in PC, but the first time at the Bahia Principe Bavaro with signature vacations. can some one provide me with some insight into what upgrades are available at the resort. I have read about “diamond” and “gold” upgrades but i am not sure if these are just offered by the tour operators or can they actually be purchased when we arrive.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.


I’m fairly certain that the Gold/Diamond upgrades are booked through your tour operator.

Having said that if you contact the resort they’ll be able to let you know.

We’ve stayed in the Gold Section and found the upgrade well worth the extra dough.

Most importantly for us…rooms were closer to the beach.

Either way though you’ll enjoy the Bahia.

There’s also the “Ambar” section which is for adults only. A new section right on the beach.
Worth looking into.
Either way, the Bahia is great.

Hi Riderfan…I take it you are from Saskatchewan?? Me too :slight_smile:

We leave in 2 weeks for another wonderful stay at the Bahia Bavaro. This is our 4th trip to Punta Cana…2nd to this resort. Last time we stayed in the Golden section (part of the Punta Cana side), this time we are in the Bavaro, booked also with Signature. As far as I know, they don’t offer the upgrade, but I could be wrong about that. It doesn’t hurt to inquire with your travel agent. Either way, you can book it at the hotel.

This being our 3rd stay in the Bahia properties, we were told we are getting the upgrade as our ‘repeat guest’ bonus. As we are booked into the Bavaro section, I imagine it will be the Diamond Club upgrade. I am pretty happy with that offer.

I would definitely say it is worth the extra. There are a few extra inclusions which are nice…free internet, extra a la carte/week, rooms closest to the beach, etc. Whenever you go, I hope you have a great holiday! ~~Jo

Hi Riderfan

We are booked at the Bahia Principe Bavaro with Signature on Jan 11-18/09 but contacted the hotel for an uprade to the Ambar and the daily rate is $30.00 each per day.If you want to contact the hotel for upgrade info here is the Email address


We got the upgrade. Happy New Year Lizjohn

Hi slim40, I’m originally from Sask but in Calgary now, but still bleeding green. Thanks for the update. This is our second stay with a Bahia resort (Mayan a few years back). I emailed the resort asking about repeat customers but all i was told is that appreciation will be in the room. I take this to be a fruit basket type of thing. Maybe the 3rd time is the threshold. Do you know what the diamond upgrade benefit is? Thanks in advance.


LizJohn - looks like we will be there at the same time! Jan 12th to 26th for us. Flying out of Montreal with Air Canada.

We will be there for the 4th time Jan 19-26. Returning guests are also entitled to a free room safe if it is not included in your package. You may have to remind the clerk at check-in though. Last time we were also Given Diamond bracelets even though we booked through AC and our room was in the Bavaro section. Diamond gives you access to a couple of smaller buffet breakfast and lunch restaurants, Diamond pool, and other Diamond services. Not a big deal. Diamond rooms provide a housecoat and slippers. This year we are booked as Diamond through Sunquest, but we book through whoever provides the best value.

On our second visit to the resort there was a bottle or rum, champagne, t-shirts and some hats in our room when we arrived. We did email in advance to let them know that we were returning guests and to make a room request. LOL…Last time the rum and t-shirts ended up in my sisters room even though it was their first visit.

There was always a fruit basket on arrival.

Hi Sackie

We are flying out of Ottawa. Hope to see you at the resort.

John & Gabi

Hi riderfan…our 2nd stay was at the Mayan Riviera BP Coba. I think you are right in that the 3rd time might yield a bit more of a benefit. At the Coba, we received the fruit basket, bottle of wine, T-Shirts, and a few small trinkets. Whereas when I emailed this time, because we booked with Signature, and they don’t offer the Diamond Club as an option, I was told in my response that they would upgrade us to one of the Clubs. The Bavaro section offers Diamond Club, so I imagine that’s what it will be. It’s a pretty good offer, because with a few of the other tour companies, the cost is about $200 more/person.

When are you going? We leave Jan 15 for 2 weeks. With the blizzard we are getting today, I am ready.

Hi slim40, we still have 39 days 16h 14 m left. gotta like the countdown clocks, We leave Feb 9 out of Calgary for 2 weeks.

So based on what you said, diamond is for the bavaro section and gold is for the punta cana section. is that correct?


Oops, should have said that our room was on the Punta Cana side for the AC booking, as it is for Signature bookings. Even though the booking says Bavaro and the check-in was on the Bavaro side.

If you look at the resort map http://www.worldisround.com/articles/304320/photo106.html the top is Bavaro and bottom is Punta Cana. The various sections are allocated to different tour operators and the name of the section can vary depending on the operator. For example, the yellow buildings are the Diamond (Sunquest) section. I believe this is also known as the Hacienda section. Orange buildings are Club Golden (Transat).

The first time we booked Club Diamond (Sunquest) we were actually assigned to building 25 as we had requested to be as close to the beach as possible. So we were’t really in the Diamond section.

First visit Signature- building 25. Last visit AC- we got building 8.


We will be in the ambar section of the complex the week of Jan 17-24. We will see if we can find out costs, and let you know if it is worth the extra expense.


Ambar is a great section because it’s close to the beach, you have your own pool, and your buffet is the nicest. I would recommend this part of the resort. You can upgrade to the Ambar section, during check-in.


Thanks to all for the great info. I really appreciate it.

Happy new year


Booked in Club Diamond Jan 7 -18

Travel agent describes Diamond upgrade as follow…

Special bracelet and with a room located in the private Club Diamond section where clients will enjoy private check-in/out and exclusive use of the Club Diamond pool (with children’s pool), bar and restaurant. Other extras included free internet access and newspapers in the club house, and one additional a la carte dinner reservation per person per week. Beach towels and rooms closer to the beach. Handicapped rooms available upon request, subject to availability.

Looks like I stand to be corrected regarding the clubs as they relate to the Punta Cana and Bavaro sections. I guess we’ll see what we get when we get there! Either upgrade will be quite fine with me :slight_smile: I too was thinking of checking into the cost of switching to the Ambar, but will inquire once we are there.

we booked the Bavaro when we went, but due to a delay in travel they upgraded us to Diamond. I would say its more than worth is money for location, pool, resturant etc.

Some travel companies dont have those “block” of rooms so you can only upgrade when you get there. For example, Signature doesn’t offer the Diamond Club there.

This year we booked the Ambar, so we are hoping as repeat guests and paying for the upgrade ourselves that there maybe something extra for us…we’ll see!!

Either way its a great resort…we wouldn’t be going back if it wasn’t!

Hey riderfan - will be there from feb 19 - 26

Does anyone have an up todate map of the Bahia with the Ambar section?..Would love to know the layout of the resort in relation to the other sections…