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Quiet board


It seems like the Panama board has been quiet lately. It has gotten so bad that even though I have never been to Cuba or Dominican Republic, I have started readiing those posts. They have some really interesting posts on the Cuba board. So in order to keep up with those boards we need to come up with something. :slight_smile:

;DAny ideas of questions or comments or polls to get the board going would be great. ;D

I will be trying to come up with something myself. ???



I have noticed the same thing Veronica. :’(

Hopefully someone can get things rocking on this board.

Perhaps once the brochures are out for the winter season things will start happening. I haven’t been able to get any prices for the 2007 winter season for the Royal Decameron yet.

We need some action on here in the meantime.


We’ve been kind of busy lately, getting ready to leave on the 16th for Panama. We are researching ways to get to Colon and on to Portobello by bus. We are going to take off on our own for a few days from the Decameron and go up to the Caribean for some snorkelling. We are going to get a hotel whereever we are at about 5o’clock. Probably not a 5 star. Wish us luck.


Expanding what I said yesterday, does anyone have any advice? We really don’t want to rent a car because the driving is crazy in Panama city.LS


You could hire a taxi to take you. Get a ‘set’ price first.