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"Monster Truck" Tours


Hi all!! Can I get some feedback on the Monster Truck tours in the PP area? Will be there Feb 18-25th. Which tour operators are best? I hear there is a tour to a set of waterfalls, but is that by truck or jeep? Any and all info would be appreciated!!



We went on the Monster Safari 5 days ago (Jan 24th). It was a GREAT trip. I booked my tour through Isaira and it cost $79/person US.

We saw a school, small farm and home. We then stopped for lunch at their picnic area. We couldn’t go in the river much, as it had just rained a lot and they didn’t think it was safe.

On the way back, the driver took us offroading and all of us had mud spalttered on us. It was one of the best parts of the trip.

Here’s their web site http://www.popreport.com/MTS/index.html