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Rain :(


We are leaving on the 4th to the Viva Wyndham Samana (Las Terrenas) and the entire week calls for rain! >:(

Oh I am so upset… do you think it will rain all day all week? crying

Is there enough things to do if it does rain?? Does anyone know?



Forget the forecast, they have never been right anytime I have gone…they always have said rain but seldom does it happen and if so only for a short time.


and when WUd says a short time, he means a really short time, i personally have never seen more then 15 minutes of rain during the daytime, comes in fast and goes fast,

o and by the way, rain beats snow


Going to Las terrenas on the 7th. Have been to the DR before and it always says at least 30 % rain. At most short shower in the day. Most of the time it is at night


Been in LT for a week,rained every day,but every thing is green and got to say the tan is coming along quite fine,normal Lt weather no problem…


thats what I like to hear…wife was so concerned at the rain in the forecasts…figured it was just a brief daily shower…


Rain… what rain!! LOL LOL… considering I was the one who complained the forecast called for rain! HAHAHA… I love the way it rained.
It would rain for 5 mins… then be sunny and hot in a matter of seconds. I got a great tan, got to go on a couple expeditions, and spent a wonderful week with my family with the rain and sun and clouds along side of us!! I especially loved how you could be sitting on the beach hot, sunny and bright… and get a sprinkle of rain for literally 4 seconds and it just cools you right down… to enjoy the sun again… ahhh.


Hello fbennett,

Welcome back! Happy to hear you had a great time!