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Re: Almond Beach Club - Barbados


[quote author=David_Canada link=board=Barbados&thread=1096688329&start=0#0 date=1096663792]My wife and I going next month for a long weekend -spur of the moment type of thing.

Can anyone give me any info on it and what you thought. Some very conflicting reviews on various sites.




;D My husband and I got married there 8 yrs ago.

Beautiful resort, people are wonderful and very safe
island. We traveled the public bus system with no
worries at all (definitely not like Jamaica). The food
was great, so were the pools and entertainment. The only drawback was the beach. Very small, however,
when we were there they offered free bus and exchange to the Almond Beach Village which has a beautiful beach, golf, etc., however it is a family resort
and if you don’t want children around the Club is your
best best. They offer a cateraman day cruise which
was awesome, well worth the money.

We had a trip of a lifetime and definitely plan to go back, I can’t imagine anyone not absolutely loving it.