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Re: black gemstones?

Hello all…
A friend of mine was told about a black gemstone available in Cuba…any ideas what she is talking about??? ???
I have been there many times…maybe I missed something :’(
Lulu ;D

My guess would be black coral but I believe you can’t bring any back to Canada as it is on the endangered species list. You can however buy jewelry made of black seashells which is very inexpensive and legal.

Thanks Linda!!!
I will pass the message along !!!
;D Lulu

Black coral is on the “control list” but an exemption may apply as noted below (from Environment Canada website).

"Exemptions — Tourist Souvenir

Who could claim it?

All individuals entering or leaving Canada.

What is included in the exemption?

Includes: Dead plants or dead animals listed on CITES Appendix II and III including their parts and products (including bird feathers). In the case of caviar a maximum of 250 grams is permitted.

Excludes: Hunting trophies and Canadian threatened or endangered species as listed on Schedule III of WAPPRIITA. On export only, are excluded: raw, unprocessed, semi processed or simply dried specimens except feathers.

What specific conditions apply?

Item was acquired by the individual outside their ordinary country of residence during a sojourn which he is returning.

Item is part of the individual’s clothing or accessories or personal accompanied baggage."