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RE:Occidental Flamenco


:o :o,OMG what is on the go with all the BAD reviews on this property!!!I’m really getting worried ,booked at this resort for Mar and very few nice things being said.alot about the food and problems with rooms.This is supposed to be a 4* property.Our tour rep told us that this is a beautiful spot and would not recommended it otherwise.We are going Premium club,I hope that counts for something,like good working, clean rooms.not expecting to be there much only shower & sleep.I just cant believe for such a beautiful looking resort that things can be that bad.I hope in Mar things are much better.I’ve been to PP twice and had a very nice time at both places,but never heard as maybe bad things as this. :’( :’( :’( :’(
Oh well,going with an open mind and hope we never wasted our money!!!
Please anyone with some good info please share with me.
Hoping for lots of sun :sunglasses: :sunglasses: and Presidente ;D


Hi Newfiegirl …I’ve stayed there many years ago and it was a lovely resort …it’s much bigger now than it was when we went. We checked it out in April while we were staying in the area and it looks very nice. Sometimes with these reviews I often wonder if they’ve been at the same place as me. I’m sure it’ll be fine …have fun! :wink: :slight_smile:


We are also booked at this resort in the Premium Club section. You can get a virtual tour by going to - www.occidental-hoteles.com - hope this helps.


I have stayed at this resort two times and had a great time each visit. The first time I stayed in building 9 on the ground floor, this building is behind the lobby building and is older. The room was a bit dated, but everything worked. There was a little bit of a leak in the bathroom at times, but we had some pretty bad weather that trip.
The second time I stayed in building 11 and that was a very nice room. 3rd floor facing the grand vetana. The staff is GREAT! the food was good unless you stay for 2 weeks then you basically get the same meals over again. The resturants were tasty! Esp. the pizza place. Please say HI to Amory who takes your reservations for the resturants.
The premium club has rooms closer to the beach but I never went inside. I heard you have your own check in and beach area.
Have fun! :sunglasses:


When are you going as we wiill be there from the 26 th of Feb to the 12th March ?



Hi Newfie Girl,

My friend and I (also Newfie girls) booked a trip to this resort last night, without doing much research on the resort. Like you, we have read many bad reviews, but have read some good ones as well…hopefully, we’ll have a good review of our own by the time the our trip is over.

Our trip is booked for March 5th to 19th…only 20 more sleeps!!!



Don’t ever rely completely on the reviews, since some people are to stubborn to look past the fact that they are in a different country. I always feel it’s up to the individual to make their trip the best possible trip and let the small things go. We just got back from Occidental Allegro and were worried as well about all the recent bad reviews. When you get there you think “what were these people talking about?”. It’s when you watch some of the tourist treating the staff like crap that you think to yourself “Yup…that’s who is writing those reviews” Those are the type of people that are not happy with anything. Just go on your trip and have a fantastic time!!!


hi jediknight
we were supposed to go on the 12th but my hubby is out of the province working and wont be back until the 17th so we’re hoping to go on the 19,thats the next flight out of NL.we still have to check with the TA.i think we arrive late at night.looks like we will just miss you .too bad.i too have been reading some good reviews lately.i agree with another post you cant believe everything you read,but i was still getting worried.i just hope its for nothing!!someone else was telling me that the Occidental chain was suppose to be fine??we’ll see.we’re going premium club but from what I’ve read that doesn’t seem to make much difference.the only difference is deluxe.i hope we get one of the refurbished buildings and on the 2nd or 3rd floor.
cant wait to get out of this COLD :o :o and some :sunglasses: :sunglasses:
enjoy your trip!



Our daughter and husband stayed here on their belated honeymoon last May and had a good time they stayed in building 12 which is the nearest to the beach . Our grandson the result of their honeymoon was born on Monday !!


congrats on your grandson.i’m glad they enjoyed their stay.i hope we do too.going with an open mind.