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Re:tragedy in Jan '05 Global 2/28 5:30/6:30


Global will have a story on this Mon.Feb.28 on the 5:30 p.m. news.A warning for all travellers it seems.A must watch for those travelling to any destination unknown to them.


Since this tragedy ocurred on the North Coast I will move this thread to the more widely read Q, Q, Q Section.

I received this e-mail from the Father of the victim earlier today:


Global will have a story on my son Adam’s death on Monday, February 28 some time between 5:30 and 6:30 pm, should you be interested.


And of course we are most interested Andrew.

As always - our condolances.



Yeah I actually saw a commercial for it on the news tonite. They showed them walking through the jungle then footage of the waterfall and people yelling and screaming. They are having like a whole half an hour show about it, the dangers of traveling and what to watch out for…
It’s such a sad story :frowning:


This should be one story that all people, not only those with children, but every single traveller, should not miss.

It is a very tragic story, that could happen to anyone, young or old.

Our prayers are still with the Vitaterna family.

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It is good they are putting the warning out to others so others do not have to go through the loss. I will be watching global and see what they have to say… :-[


I’d like to watch it, but we’ll be down there when its on


what happened?










I watched.

Very well documented and a good warning, it also showed concerns of other hazards, hotel in Cozumel with large balcony openings, hazard for small children.

As far for the waterfalls, I have seen them and the video was incredible, never seen so much water, river is usually ankle deep to cross not waist deep and the falls are generally a trickle. The video showed it absolutely gushing,

My opinion is that nobody should have been taken there in these conditions, it had rained for almost 2 weeks solid on the North Coast.


100% agreement Wud.

After seeing the report, we immediately pulled out our video, as we took the very same excursion when we stayed at the Merengue.

The water in out video in the river was not waste deep, in fact, it barely covered our water shoes.

It was a shock to my wife and I as we seen what condition the falls were in.

I would not have gone myself, but I cannot swim that well at all, and was very worried when I did go before.


Debbie’s Dominican Fiesta Committee

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Interested/concerned regarding this story. It is 4:15 PM here on the west coast. I would like to watch this but I see no info on our local site. Do you think this will be available here? I will tune in and perhaps it will be on. I can only sympathize with the family and thank them for sharing their story in hopes that such a terrible tragedy does not happen again. Words cannot express adequately my sentiments.


Which Global channel was it on??? I watched Global National and seen nothing about it.


Hi there,
So sorry to hear of this tragedy. Our condolences are with the family. I have been watching our local news here in NF and have not seen any sign of the program . I read on this site it would be on tonight on Global . I watched from 9:00 pm - 10:30pm, no sign of anything to do with the tragedy and was interested to see. Our family is travelling to DR at the end of Mar for 2 weeks and was thinking about the same tour but now reconsidering especially with a 13 year old boy who is very adventurous and i’m sure would want to try the falls. Just wondering why certain areas would cover this story and not all over Canada??? What times did you guys see this story?
Thanks Cathy


Hi Newfiegirl. I too tried to watch this program and it wasn’t on. I watched the Global news from Hamilton ON from 7:30 - 8:30 our time (6:00-7:00 EST) and there was no mention of it whatsoever. The other Global news that came on later was from Edmonton and I didn’t watch that one. Does anyone know which affliliate of Global aired the program or if it will be broadcast later today?


There was just a clip on the TV saying that it would be on the Global 11 pm news.
Hopefully, we can catch it then.


http://www.canada.com/toronto/globaltv/story.html?id=ba620dec-7450-43c8-90ba-c23ed835da0f :frowning:


Malibook, Thanks for the web site. I have e-mailed them hoping they will let me know if it will be telecast here on the west coast. I will watch the 11:00PM news as it may be on then. If it had not been for this site I would not know anything about it.


it was on last night on the 5:30 news, eastern time. the story came on about 5:50? it was later than i expected. really sad, and scary considering my 6 and 4 year old swam there last year.
they also mentioned the el cozumeleno resort in cozumel as being dangerous and unsafe place for children, according to one family. we just came back from there a few weeks ago. i do have to say that it’s a wonderful and safe place for kids. we didn’t take our kids there this year, but wouldn’t hesitate to bring them there in the future.