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Re-Usable Mugs - Appropriate?

I know there are always people talking about bringing your own reusable mugs, whether it be a Bubba or something else… but how do the bar staff react to you walking up with your own mug to fill up?

Should you tip a little extra due to your request?

Comments, feedback or questions… please!!

You’re new here, aren’t you? :wink:

The general feeling on these threads is it is ecologically sound to bring a reasonably sized mug, to prevent usage of those plastic glasses that aren’t recycled. Giant Bubba Kegs that hold a six-pack of beer are too much for drinks, but great for ice. And they are definitely desirable gifts to leave behind.

Tipping is always in good taste - 1 CUC is the usual, but feel free to tip more!

Hi Eloisegirl… I’m not THAT new… lol…

I just like other peoples feedback on certain things… I don’t want to look like a dork when I’m there getting my own mug refilled… I do realize that the waste of the plastic “dixie cups” they give you is astronomical, but at the same time, I do remember reading last year that some places post signs saying they won’t fill personal mugs…

And we are always very generous with our tipping… CUC and other gifts…


Just bought my 20 oz. Bubba Keg on sale at Canadian Tire for $5.99.

Doing my part for the environment in 8 days…Look out Barcelo Solymar.

Cubatrip2… where you are going they will certainly fill your travel mug. Trust me!!!

Hey Zuley, words spoken from experience!! Good to hear!! We picked up some nice stainless steel ones today from Cdn Tire… Can’t wait to try them out!!

Zellers has a nice Bubba knock off. They have the smaller one , and the Ginormous ones, but they also have the middle size one which we find perfect for lounging at the beach and pool. I think it’s 34 oz, the little ones have a cool maple leaf on them with canada inbosed on the side. Seen them on for half price a while back, so for $4 it was a good deal, and will make a great tip! ;D

Sounds like ours might be too small… I don’t think they’re anywhere near that size!!! Oh well, as long as it stops all the extra non-recyclable plastic, its all good…

We have been taking down the same thermal stainless steel coffee mugs from Starbucks year after year. What I really like about them is they keep cold drinks cold for ages without the ice melting and watering down the drink, have lids that prevent drink loss if knocked over and handles to make for easy carrying. I use them for both hot and cold drinks and, if cleaned after use, don’t carry over the various drink flavours.

All great info, although I think the ones we’ve bought might be a bit small… 0.4L… good enough for A drink… but not so good for an hour long walk or something like that… Hmmmm… We’ll see I guess…

No worries!

We always take modest 14 ounce thermal mugs and have found them to be adequate. One advantage to a smaller size mug- about the size of two plastic cups- is that the bartenders can better gauge the mix of the drink when you order a cocktail.

For us, it’s all about being environmentally responsible.

Your mug will hold the equivalent of a bottle of beer (355 ml), so I think you’ll be fine, especially if you fill it with wine or with a rum drink (Cuban bartenders are usually pretty generous with the rum!).

A re-usable mug is appropriate for so many reasons - the environment being the most important. I bring a good quality thermal mug, similar to Starbcks model, about 16 ounces. That is perfectly adequate for me … it holds a double cappuccino, or a banana-mama, or an ice cold beer, or a double rum & coke, or a … oops - that’s for the thread on consumption! :slight_smile:

I rinse out our mugs with boiled hot water in the tea/coffee area most hotels offer and then stop at the nearest bar to fill one mug up with ice and the other one with Bailey or Grand Marnier to take back to the room for sipping while getting ready for supper. The ice keeps for hours so sometimes there is still ice left for another Bailey’s when we return at night.

;D I bring my thermal mug for tea. I cannot live without starting my day without my cup of Tetley Tea. I bring my own teabag to the buffet and make one cup to drink with my breakfast, save the tea bag and make a second cup “to go”. Later in the day the mug is used for cool ones. The waitresses and bar tenders are used to the guest having their own mugs and think nothing of it.

SUNNY - thank you for the genius idea of ice and bailey’s! Bailey’s is Kryptonite to me - I am powerless over its siren call…

If you have a Salvation Army, Goodwill or Value Village nearby, I suggest picking up extra mugs there. I was given a great mug from a friend which was so awesome I actually brought it back from Cuba, instead of giving it away as usual. But I didn’t feel guilty, because I’d brought extras to give away. Waterbottles are coveted items as well.

Mugs and washcloths are two of the necessities you will need - bring a roll of toilet paper in a ziploc as well as Purell, for off resort visits.

Not a problem, I am full of wonderful ideas on how to drink conveniently while on vacation.

I’ve never had a problem. In fact, the bartenders seem quite happy to refill my water bottle with ice and soda on a regular basis. They’ll even wash it for me every now and then!

ya know what it’s a class thing …you either got it or ya don’t :slight_smile:

Entirely appropriate if you’re not abusing. We use a 72 oz Bubba Keg which we fill with ice water for fishing trips or with beer and share amongst several people on the beach. There has never, ever been any problem filling the kegs at the bar. However, we don’t abuse either. We drink whatever we fill in our re-usable mugs/kegs. I’m also a hater of seeing the small plastic glasses and straws provided by the bar littering the beach. I wish more people would use re-usable mugs.