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Reader's Digest magazine 50 Most Overrated Tourist Attractions


I’m not too impressed that Reader’s Digest Magazine named Varadero, Cuba as overrated.

It states "As one of those countries that so many work hard to see, Cuba is a prime spot for Canadians. But if you’re venturing here, Rousseau says to skip Varadero. Not only does she say the food is less than imaginative, she explains it’s also full of tourist and gimmicky-shops, none of which give you a glimpse into this unique culture.

I actually “Love” Varadero and have been there six times and will continue to visit in the future, along with the rest of Cuba.


Typical Listicle and just as useless.
To Rousseau, the author: We go for the beach and have little interest in spending 7 days in a city.


I scrolled through most of those, and it seems like the author just made a list of some of the best-known places in the world and decided to call them overrated.
Mrs. CJ and I still like Varadero. A week on the beach was one of the most relaxing ways to get away from the rat race back before I retired.


I am pretty sure slide #1 features tourists pouring out of Palacio Cantero in Trinidad.
As Jack says “some of the best-known places in the world” and overrated has to be the best misnomer I have seen in a long time.


In many trips to Cuba over the last 25 years, I have never been to Varadero; however, I have been to Trinidad several times, and that is definitely a photo of Trinidad. The white fence in the far background is in the Plaza Mayor. The list loses even more credence, when the author confuses Niagara Falls, Ontario with Niagara on the Lake, Ontario. Methinks the list is “overrated.”