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Real not fake

How can I be sure I’m buying real not fake cigars and rum?
I’ve bought Cohiba’s in resort stores that burned all up one side, or were unsmokable.
Any tips?
I see on the “rum purchased in Santiago” thread there is a metal ring with connecting tips, I guess if they are not connected it’s a good idea to walk.
It’s fine if your going to smoke them or drink the rum in Cuba, but if you buy a few boxes or bottles to take home, it’s a little late.

From what I’ve learned in the last few days, you have to go to a government store. It seems like airports and resort tiendas are not that reliable.

La Casa Del Habanos … Official cigar stores

don’t think there is a government store near our resort in Santa Clara

… a topic I’m surprised that has not been dealt with in depth previously.
A few years back I was approached by a staff member at the resort we stay at and was asked if I wished to purchase cigars. His brother works at the factory… ya right!! I politely declined. Later that week while on a bus tour we had the opportunity to sit with the tour guide on the return visit to the resort. I questioned our guide on the legitimacy of these cigars. I believe what he told us in that they are produced by factory workers at home with leaves, bands etc. that “walk” out the back door of the factories. He said they are definitely fake but of a quality that would not upset us or cause us any reason to complain to the management about getting taken by a member of their staff.
It was cigars that caused me to fall off the wagon and start smoking again a few years back. I got that monkey off my back after a year or two so I am not willing to try one of the fakes to attest to the quality.
I bring 50 of the fakes home every time and give to a friend who is quite an avid cigar smoker. He thinks they are fantastic.
I don’t know if this is the case with all underground or fakes but per my experience I am satisfied.