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Recent Sunwing Experience?


Wondering if anyone has had some recent (ie last couple of months) with Sunwing. We are travelling with this airline for the first time this spring and I am a bit anxious. Something new and all that jazz! We have always gone with Air Canada Vacations to Mexico. This year we are going Punta Cana with Sunwing…We are trying to jump out of the “travel box”. I would appreciate any feedback on Sunwing from those that have travelled with them this sun season! ;D


We flew with Sunwing to PC in Sept. We had a good flight, on time. It’s a charter, and no frills, but I think the service and food was as good or better than any other airline.



Flew with them at the End of October.

They are bad for changing flight times - worse than other charters.

-Free headphones (you get to keep)
-Leather (Pleather?) seats… Makes an “interesting” noise when taxing down the runways… 200 people squeaking and making odd noises.
-Glass of champagne upon reaching cruising altitude.
-Meals pretty good
-Legroom standard for a charter

The Toronto staff was excellent, but the Puerto Plata side should all be fired and started from scratch. Complete idiots. Only experience I had with the Punta Cana staff is their baggage handlers - who took almost 2 hours to find 2 pieces of luggage from a person removed from the flight for a medical emergency.

All in all, it’s a decent airline, but make double sure you confirm flight times well in advance, and confirm again. (and maybe again)


I hadn’t heard of any problems with flight times but now I am shaking. Using them in January, I have coodinated things to arrive about the same time as another party from another city, can you imagine if we arrive about 12 hours apart! actually that is fine, but if we get switched to a different hotel than my friends, I will not be in a good mood.