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Reception Music


Hello All,
I have a question for anyone who knows a bit about electronics and stuff. I have booked my wedding as you all know at Ocean Sand and we are having our dinner at the beach restaurant. While I was emailing back and forth with the new wedding co-ordinator she said that we could have our dance on the terrace, which I think would be very cool. We can use their DJ for $50/hr or she said that if we have an MP3 player we could do our own music. So my question is can you get speakers that will be loud enough to work with an MP3 player? Or should I just bring down my Cd’s and shell out like $150 for 3 hours of the DJs time…? ???
Any advice would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:
Thanks Guys


yes you can get speakers at walmart for a real good price. and they work pretty good. not loud like a dj at a disco but loud like a portable little stereo. sometimes walmart has them set up so you can try them out.



Thanks I’m going there tomorrow so I will check them out. We don’t need an acutal sound system just lound enough so we can actually hear the music!
Thanks again


Hey treen

Let me know what u find out … i was just going to brun CDS and rent the equipment but no DJ …
let me know
ps what did u decide about pics?


I am also doing this…brining a cheap stereo that works well enough and then giving it to the maid for a present at the end of our trip.
and i’m hooking it up to my ipod…all the music I will ever need.


Now I don’t know what to do. I think that the DJ would be my better bet now. If I do the dance from 7 to 10 or something? Do you know how much it is off hand to rent the equipment without the DJ? I’m not sure what the best thing to do would be. Didn’t end up going to Walmart yesterday but if I find out any information Ill be sure to let you know.
Here is another concern I have I don’t want to be worried about the music while I’m having my dance or make one of my guests be incharge of it…Don’t know still got a bit of time.
Kilikina: bringing the small stereo is a great idea and leaving it for the maid. You can get them so cheap now for like $30 at Walmart or Zellers. Never though about that, but great idea!
Thanks Girls for the ideas!


iam giving the DJ at our disco a burned CD with my wedding song, then the songs my friends and i like to party too, and he will be able to keep it. i know people who have done this at breezes POP at no extra cost… so maybe find out from people who have gone to your resort and see if you can do that. It doesn’t matter to me that there will be other people at the disco, the more the merrier. just hope they don’t mind my CD for about an hour. lol