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Recommended snorkeling excursions?


hi, looking to get some opinons on snorkeling excursions, this will be my g/f’s first time to the carib and first time snorkeling so i want it to be good, (fish, reefs, ect)we are staying at the luperon beach resort in puerta plata, if you can help me out thanks in advance!


We went on the Freestyle Catamaran excursion. This was a great day trip, we started out the morning by boarding the catamaran, and while on board we were provided entertainment, music, games while crusing to the snorkling area. We stopped for lunch and snorkling twice. The fish and reefs we seen were great. I really enjoyed the day as did the others we traveled with. It was well worth the day. I say over all we were snorkling for about 2 to 3 hours. If you have any other questions just let me know.


Yes i totally agree with nbgirl, we too went on the freestyle catamaran, and altho i didnt do any snorkelling, my partner did, and said that it really was fantastic. She said that the fish were great!!!

I have also heard that if you go out to paradise island, you can do snorkelling there too, but i am not 100 per cent about that one.

Whichever trip you go on, i am sure that you both will have a fantastic time, and enjoy the dom rep!!!


From what I’ve read, Catamarans seem to be the best bet.

The Paradise Island trip apparently is a long ride.


Sea Pro Divers might be another company you might want to look into . They also work out of the Luperon Resort as well :sunglasses:


We did Paradise Island one year. It is beatiful but the time on the bus is long. You leave early in the morining bus (about 1 hour) to boats and go acroiss to paradise island. You are on the island for only about 1 hour and then take a boat ride through the mangroves, stop and have lunch and then spend another hour on the bus back to the resport. Still was a great trip.

The next year we took the 1/2 snorkling trip to Sosua which was great because you got to see some fish and get back to resort for lunch. Now, the fish species are limited on this trip but was still well worth the price. My mom really wanted to go snorkling but I did not think she could handle a full day so this worked out well.