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Reef Explorer & ATV tours...Anyone been recently?

Hi there. Wondering if ANYONE has been on either of these tours fairly recently and what did you think? We’re heading to the DR in 43 days…Yippeeee! We’re interested in doing a couple of different tours this time. Was interested mostly in the ATV tours and maybe the Reef tour if it was a half-day tour. We’ve done the Marinarium tour and thought that was an excellent tour and had a great time and was worth the $$! We’re also going to try the Zip-line Tours!

So, a few questions on these tours if anyone can please answer!

Reef Explorer: Cost and worth the money? Half or full day tour? All activities involved and included? Drinks and lunch included, I think?

ATV Tour: Cost of the tour…do they have a separate cost for just one person and for 2 persons on the quad? Full or half day tour? Lunch included? Any/all other activities that occur during the tour besides driving the quad? What to wear/bring for this tour? We saw an ATV tour the last time we were in the DR on our Outback Safari tour and we seen some pretty dirty/dusty people! They did look like they were having a great time though! lol lol

Zipline Tours: I think the cost pp is $89 US…thought I saw that on their website…please correct me if I’m wrong! Not going to ask if it’s worth the cost this time on this one because just the exhilaration of this experience alone will be worth it! We’re going to do it anyways…regardless of the cost! lol What else do you see and do on this tour? Guess you just see the countryside and learn of their culture on the way to the platforms, etc. What sort of lunch is included…drinks?

Thanks for the info. in advance and looking forward to reading some replies! (later when I recheck the forum!)


ATV you can pay for two or one on an ATV. Price approx $50 - $55 for a half day, not sure on the full day. Dress to get dirty and rinse off at the pool shower or throw the clothes away. I seen some nice ATV tours with new ATV’s and ours was crap. Read review from Bavaro Princess under Alec, Kingston for the name of the Tour and who i booked through. We went to a few nice places, however, too many breakdowns. How are things on the Granite Planet, is winter letting up?

Thanks! Winter here in Newfoundland can change often even throughout the day…let alone through the season! ha ha We live on the West coast and we do get quite a lot of snow! So, for us personally, we don’t mind it as we’re avid snowmobilers and with 2 new sleds for xmas…yep…I drive my own…we’re having some nice winter fun! We don’t mind winter and we plan our southern trip for later in the spring. Hopefully when we return, most/all of the snow will be gone and it’s getting warmer out. Then we can park the sleds and jump on our motorcycles!! (yep…drive my own bike too! lol) We have “Big Toys”…“No Kids”! lol lol So we ‘play’ and ‘travel’!

(hence the reason for my username!)