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Reef Explorer Excursion questions

Just wondering what happens on this resort?
Anyone been on this tour lately?
What is the cost?
Where do you go exactly?
How long is this tour? (half or full day?)
Is it worth the money?

Thanks for any info!

We went on this excursion when we were there at New Years. It was around $100. They take you out by boat to a floating raft island with sun beds that’s close to the Grand Oasis. They have a section of the reef that’s fenced off with the stingrays (no stingers) and the sharks (nurse sharks) in it and an area where you can get your picture taken with a stingray. It was a 1/2 day and it included the snorkeling with sharks and stingrays, kayaking, a massage and a juice bar plus just time to hang out and relax.
We found it to be worthwhile for an afternoon.
If you go bring an underwater camera - I got some of the best photos of our trip here. The photo that they took of me and the stingray turned out much better than the ones we took so I’m glad I bought the photo from them I think it was around $10.