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Refund Question?


Due to Hurricane Katrina, my wife and I had to cancel our honeymoon to Bavaro Princess, we had planned to be there for 7 great days but the mother of all storms had other plans for our new beginning, we basically have lost everything but our love. Knowing that the money for the honeymoon would help us out and not knowing the status on the New Orleans airport, we promptly took advantage of our travel insurance, as soon as we could get in touch with our agent ( in Gulfport, MS), and canceled the trip. We canceled the trip the third week in sept. and we have yet to receive our money. My question is , Is this common? I have bugged my travel agent to no avail, the only answer I get is that the airline is the hold up!!!
I am really loosing my patience now and I could really use the 1300 dollars owed to me, I just thank God I didn’t pay the full amount up front…Anyway if any of you’ll have any suggestions on how a poor old Mississippi Coast boy living in a FEMA trailer could get his money back, I’m willing to listen!!!


If you put the charges on a credit card, you might try contacting them about “services not received”.


Although you may have already tried all of this, here are my suggestions:

a) I am assuming that the actual travel agency you booked with are not the ones who issue the insurance, but that they have an insurance provider who underwrites their insurance. Ask your travel agent what/who this company is and what their contact information is. Try speaking to them directly, it may move things along more quickly.

b)Also ask your travel agent who has told him the plane company is holding it up. Get a name and number for them too.

Perhaps by obtaining a little more information, you may scare your travel agent in to moving things along more quickly and, if not, you will probably be able to obtain more info from the actual insurance company anyways.

Good luck to you and your family.


In addition to the phone calls, send letters by certified mail. Phone calls & email are great, but for some reason a piece of paper signed for by US Post often gets more attention.


Sometimes it can take up to a year… :’(…