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Reh and Koz


I guess it’s just the three of us on this board!

By any chance have either of you seen any info about a “carnival festival” in El Salvador?

I think I saw something a while back saying there was one in late November/early December in San Miguel. Can’t find it again since.



We will be anxiously waiting to hear your review(s) on this resort. We had considered going, but decided to return to the Decameron in Panama. :smiley:



I like the Thursday departure to El Salvador,
Do not like Monday departure for Panama



Yah I know. It can make a difference.



We are lucky, we can fit our schedule around the departure day. As far as the review, not sure yet if we will be able to post one as their is no category for reviews of El Salvador. Hopefully if we email Debbie’s we’ll be the first!!



You have to send a review, even if you have to post it here. I am sure Debbie will accommodate you.

We will want to hear it all and hopefully all will be good. :wink:



Hi Canadian64 - by chance did you get the 2 weeks for even a cheaper rate than we did? We paid before tax $997 per person but a few weeks after that it dropped to $897 - amazing price!

There are some reviews on Trip Advisor for the Royal Decameron El Salvador - most are very informative - some you just have to take with a grain of salt.

I really think this place will take off once some more Canadians get there and have a great time (which I am sure we will)



reh, yes we did we watched it after your post and snagged it last week at $897. I have seen some of the info on Trip Advisor. I found a guy on their forum who seems to have some good info, I have been emailing him questions. PM me if you want his email.


In-law 50 th is on the 17th, which also is our 27th and our daughter 1st all on the same date.
SO we are off to Thunder Bay , but would rather be where you are. :’(
ANd it probably be a cheaper flight also ;D


Hi all,

I am looking at booking a week either Nov 30 or Dec 7 - I’m surprised there aren’t more reviews of the resort, but am willing to take a gamble (especially because of the price!). Other than here, and tripadvisor, have you seen any other info on the resort?


Hi LovelyRita:
Nope - I haven’t seen any other information other than this site and Trip Advisor, however…

the price with Nolitours has dropped ANOTHER $50 today - making the one week rate $497 before taxes!




Have the in laws 50 th in Thunder Bay in mid Nov, have to pay for about 9 people to fly up there.
So we cannot go away unill January


REH: That is sure an excellent price. Tempting…but can’t. Just came back from a trip to Arizona and we have the vacation coming up in January. Oh well. I will wait to see what you and Canadian64 have to say about the resort. Bebbie


[quote author=koz board=elsalvador thread=1160832838 post=1161906174]Have the in laws 50 th in Thunder Bay in mid Nov, have to pay for about 9 people to fly up there.
So we cannot go away unill January[/quote]

Did you manage to snag the $83 flights from westjet last week?


Hi - actually, we booked flights with West Jet on the way down and Air Canada on the way back about 1 month ago and paid $69 (each person - one way)!



Is that from Ottawa?

My daughter is in TB at Lakehead so we often play the game to get the cheapest flights to TO… got the $83 each way to get her home and back at Christmas and the next day they went uo to ~$159


The wife did the booking , I know we are with Air Canada since price was cheaper then WJ.
I am scared to ask the price.
Somethings are better not to know
But we are thinking we may need a vacation after this trip LOL


Rumrunner , I think I took that same pix of the Volcano


Hi - our flights for $69 were from Ottawa to Toronto - one with Westjet and one with Air Canada - both had that special rate on.
We booked our friends yesterday to join us for the first week in El Salvador and the flights from Ottawa to Toronto are now $109 with both airlines.


plane tickets are like gas prices , you never know when to buy