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Renting cars in varadero

where would you be able to rent a car in varadero. we are staying there in january and are interested in renting a couple cars to drive to Havana. Is it relatively safe driving that far and would it be hard to do. Just figure it may be a better way as then we are free to come and go as we please.
Stephanie :slight_smile:

We stayed at Playa Alameda in the summer, rented a car in the lobby. We did Havana and no problems

do you remember how much it was to rent a car, probably would be 4 of us going in one vehicle.

we rented a car at the Iberostar Varadero and it cost us $90 for the day. (Hyundai Accent)Not sure if it would be the same at all resorts but thats what we paid.We also drove to Havana.
That was a couple years ago now so prices may have changed since then.


So if we decided to rent a car (or cars in our case) it is not hard to find our way into and around Havana?? That’s our main concern as there are some elderly people coming with us. How long of a drive is Havana from Varadero.

Havana is about a 2 hour drive from Varadero

easy drive -

just follow the tour buses from varadero to havana, lol.

For car rental in Jan 2009 - you are looking at $68 US per day for a small economy car - like a Hyundai Atos or Kia Picanto. ALso have to pay locally for insurance of $10 CUC per day.
If you wish to rent your own - you can try arranging here with nash travel and picking up at the airport or have them pick you up at the hotel.
If you can get a deal for $90 a day - that is not bad…if your drivers waits…but then you have to buy him food and drinks…

Looking for a car rental from Varadero next week. Anybody have any experience lately for are the rates at Airport or in Varadero the same? What is the good companies & who has cars?? Tried a few companies and either they dont reply or dont have cars for December?? Hoping for one at the airport but may have to look in town, if there a 3 day min also tks JK

There’s only about three companies now - most of the different rental brands are all the same group.

It is actually easy to miss the turning off the road in from Varadero on to coast road (Via Monumental) past Alamar. If you miss that, you enter Havana on the Via Blanca, which goes round the back of the city. Again, when returning, it is fairly easy to miss the turning off the Via Monumental - and then you have to pick the middle fork to get out to Varadero.


Anyone who doesn’t already have a reservation is going to have a tough time finding a car over the holiday high season.

Start here: http://www.cuba-junky.com/carrental/carrental.htm

Good luck.

Prebooking a vehicle may also work for you;


has given good service.


Yes. Rent a car from your hotel lobby or any other large hotel. will be easy to find. We pd. about $100/day 2 yrs ago. for 24 hours. found it to be a great deal. Rent at 8pm. use for a couple of hours around Var. drive to Havana early next day. be back at 8pm.
Very safe. but learn aboutthe cops on side of freeway, watch for them and slow down! we got pulled over, no problem BUT we had our passports!! don’t forget them. park at Capital building in havan on street. have one of the “people” watch your car for the day (they will approch you) tip them at the end of the day! Have fun, well worth it.

Tks for the sites but no luck yet for next week. Out of cars already? I guess Ill be trying my luck at the airport or try hitch-hitchers row…