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Repeating a Resort


Just wondering about how it feels to return to the same resort, either a year later or more? Starting to look at resorts for next winter and it’s funny how you start thinking back on the great ones you’ve visited in the past and wonder if you can find anything as good this year. That’s when I start wondering - should I just go back to one of the great ones. Lst year we were at the Royal Suites at the Palladium Palace and when I start looking at others for this year I can’t help but stop and compare. Not too many offer the same ‘extras’ we had at the Royal Suites unless you pay lots more. But the overall feeling is that we need a break from Punta Cana, so that when we return in a few years we’ll have the ‘wow’ factor back. The last few years we’ve been walking the same stretch of beach. But then again we know how good it is there. That’s my debate. I’m hoping that the resorts in the La Romana area are available from Atlantic Canada this year so at least that way we’ll be able to go back to the DR but still have something different that we know is as nice as PC beach wise.


I have had tropical vacations in Costa Rica, Mexico, Hawaii, Florida, and the DR.
And ever since I found Casa del Mar in La Romana I continue to return time after time. The resort is immaculate and lush, the spa is gorgeous, the emlpoyees are like family, the entertainment is the best, and the beach cannot be beat!! Oh, and no reservations at a la cartes!!


Actually Wendy that one’s high on my list, especailly if the renos are done on time. Really like to have a swim-up bar is possible. Like a resort with lots of dinning choices and esp like the idea of no reservations. Just how does that work though - esp during the busy season? Did you have any problems not getting into an a la carte? We perfer the a la cartes for dinner. The last 2 years we’ve only done the buffet 2 or 3 times for dinner for a 2 week stay. But we also have been to resorts where we did the a la cartes each once but ended up doing back to the buffet becasue it had better selection.


Well, they currently have 4 themed ala cartes and a large buffet, and are adding another ala carte (I believe to accomodate the planned increased occupancy that will come with the completion of the new building).
There never really seems to be a problem. Some people eat early, some people eat late … it just all kinda naturally sorts itself out. And the ala cartes are great!! Good menu selection, excellent preparation, and usually very tasty (not 5 star mind you, but no food in the DR is 5 star).
And although construction is scheduled to be complete in December, it is absolutely unobtrusive and completely confined. I was there in May when it had just started, and am goin back again in August. And of all the travelers that have come and gone in between my two trips there has not been a single complaint about the construction. So, go now, go later, but definitely go and enjoy!!


My you must really love this resort to go in May and back again in August! Now I’ll really have to seriously consider it!


You can’t always get into the a la cartes when there are no reservations. They do fill up and you have to wait until the next “sitting” but it’s still a better option to having to make reservations. When they are required you don’t always get in either! At least with the no reservation system you have a chance. And being able to go as often as you want is nice. No limits imposed.

I find that many of the resorts are a “work in progress” and there is ALWAYS some kind of improvement being undertaken. To return to the same place may feel a bit different depending on renovations to rooms or expanding a restaurant or changes to a menu or adding activities or water trampolines or bungees. It still feels familiar and many of the same people work there and you know what to expect with location and beach, but it still feels new and different. That’s certainly the case with Casa del Mar. Since I started going in 2004, there have been lots of changes–so far all for the better!

Later into November there will be more and more “finishing” work to the inside of the rooms being done and filling the pool, etc. Less and less intrusion to the guests on the CDM property. By the end of December the 2 new buildings and new restaurant and pool and swim up bar will be complete and ready to go! Sackie, did you mention when you plan on visiting?

Kaki :smiley:


You guys are really making this place sound great! We go the end of Jan first of Feb. So the a la cartes may be hard to get into then but like you said it’s better then waiting in a line for 20-30 mins only to find out you can’t get in the rest you want. We’ve been kind of spoiled the last few years with ‘VIP’ and Royal service at our last 2 resorts. But we also like the idea of no limits on the # of a la cartes. A La Cartes are one thing I look for in a resort. Was looking at a real nice top rated one in Mexico but ruled it out when I saw you got 3 bookings for 1 week but only 4 (total) for 2 weeks. Shouldn’t that be a least 6 for 2 wks. Shouldn’t there be a bonus for staying longer at their resort!



Even if you do have to wait for the a la cartes, they give you one of those pager dealies, so all you have to do is go for a stroll or head to the bar. Before you know it, it will be flashing away and the table is all yours!



I have never had the opportunity to repeat a resort, but we are thinking about going back to the Grand Palladium in November. One thing I think I might like about going back to the same resort is not wasting time discovering all the nooks and crannys at the resort. You know your way around!


Lillybelle - agree with you. If you’ve been to a resort and really like it, going back saves you the frustration of figuring out where things are and how the system works.

We’ve been to the Gran Ventana 5 times for a total of 9 weeks since March, 2001! We keep going back because we know the hotel, the staff, the management - they appreciate return guests and provide some perks.

Also, before we went the first time, we did lots of research and had no “surprises”. If you really like a resort and get treated excellent, why go somewhere you may not like as much??


Lilly - One of the ones I would consider going back to is the Palladium Royal Suites. It had almost everything we look for in a resort. We esp liked the Adult Only part, and that’s hard to find in other resorts.


We have been to the Palladium Punta Cana twice now and will return again this January for another 2wks. we like this resort so why go why go somewhere we are not sure of.


We have no qualms about returning to a resort. If we enjoyed a place, then we have made a point of going back just incase we missed something the first time.

We went to Bahia Principe RSJ for 1 week in January 2003 & returned for 2wks in February 2004. November 2004, we did 1wk at Riu Merengue & returned there January of this year for 2wks. Punta Cana Princess we have only done once, for a 2 wk period, and our 2wk trip for January 2007 is already booked for the Gran Ventana…the price was right!!


I completely understand the inner battle of whether to return or to venture to new territory. When we found the RIU Palace Macao we returned again and again over a short period of time and it became our “our island home”. Most of the staff were the same and remembered us, we knew our way around and knew we would leave feeling like we really got our monies worth. The problem we have with going to new places is we have experienced some really horrible resorts and felt like we had blown not only our vacation time but alot of money. With that being said we did venture last March to the Bahia in Punta Cana and stayed for two weeks in the Diamond Club and we were greatly impressed —so much so that we have opted to return there and to skip our planned trip to the RIU Palace Punta Cana…


This Xmas will be the first time we’ve repeated a resort.
Price is a consideration also for us. We figured for the $ spent we get everything we want & need at the Allegro POP. It’s basic, but overall suited us fine ;D
Plus, we have a contact person at the resort to ensure we get our oceanview room (that’s always nice) Of course we’ll take them down a nice gift.
We just felt really comfortable there and totally relaxed :sunglasses:
Can’t ask for more than that.


I have never repeated a resort but after visiting a bunch of DR resorts and comparing, I am happily returning to the Caribe Club Princess. I visited when it first opened under the Hodelpa management. I loved the rooms, food and pools as well as the close proximity of the buildings to the beach. I can’t wait to write the new report on it.


We repeated the Bavaro Princess, and found that we liked it even more the second time!

Cat (Not Mommacat. . . just Cat!)

Mommacat. . . I do a double take every time you sign a post with my name! :wink:


we are repeaters in cancun because we have friends that also meet us there the same time and each year we also meet new ones that also return.It started off 3 years ago and now there are about 30 of us who meet. If you like the resort why not repeat it? LIke others have mentioned…it does save on having to scope out the place and wasting your valuble time . Hope you pick a great spot.


If you love somewhere it would be a shame not to repeat.When i was little we used to go to scarborough(on the english coast) year in year out.All you english readers stop laughing now please! Anyway we are off to pop this year and next and plan for florida year after (cos its a special birthday with a 0 on it -but arent saying which one)


We will returning for the 8th time to the Iberostar Bavaro. We are treated like family so we really see no reason to go anywhere else.
We call it “Our 2nd Home”

Joe & Karen :sunglasses: :sunglasses: