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Replies to room requests

So when you contact a hotel for a room request do they always reply or do you just get a pleasant surprise upon check in?

Depends on the resort, some do and some do not reply

Most times I’ll get an e-mail back saying they’re received my request and will do their best to accomodate the request, but cannot guarantee it. Just last month I e-mailed the resort in Cuba requesting an upper floor room and never received an e-mail back, but once I got to the resort, I did have an upper room.
Good luck :sunglasses:

I am going to e-mail Riu Mambo for upper room . We stayed in block 4 last time ground floor but would like to stay in either block 1 - 2 -3-21 or 22

Wonder if they reply ro requests or is it a surprise when we arrive

Happy holidays everybody

We have always email a week or so before our arrival and requested a certain room location.

Typically, we receive back an email, stating that they will do their best, but cannot guarantee anything.

So far, all of our requests have been met.

Thanks everyone i guess i will just have to wait and see.

I’ll add to everyone’s response…I too have gotten back the ‘canned’ reply that is mentioned here. I have had luck in the past with ‘ponying’ up with a 10 or 20 dollar bill at check in to ask for a really nice room…last time at the Iberostar Punta Cana…and got a room up front with a full ocean view…and that was in mid Feb., not exactly the slow time of year…

Good Luck!

Me too …I emailed the Gran Ventana and received the standard we will do our best, blah blah blah. When we got there the other couple we went with was in a completely different building than us . That was our only request…the same building…after being told it was impossible to put us both in the same building a $20 billed popped out of my pocket and just like magic…there were 2 rooms on the same floor in the same building…$$$speaks louder than words sometimes

Hey vdp are you going to try that at the Majestic?

he will arrive this week,
may be a tough one,
the Majestic is completely booked.
we will hear about it, he he

Morning folks…

My plan is/was to certainly give it a shot…but after reading Mike’s post last night about how the majestic is booked (completely?) perhaps it’ll be ‘slim pickins’…ultimately I only hope that they don’t give my room away to a ‘displaced’ elegance guest…and ship us off to some other resort

It’ll all be good in the end! My toes will be somewhere in the sand on Wed. afternoon regardless…


Not likely that you will be shipped off but if you are then you will be given some great compensation.

Debbie was supposed to be at the Elegance but have not heard wg=here she and Pat ended up.