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Request for 2nd floor room or not


I have placed a request through my travel agent to have a 2nd floor room, is it also necessary for me to send an email to the resort as well to request or should I just wait and see when we get to reception ?
The resort we are heading to is Bahia Principe RSJ Club Golden.


8-)I always send an email one week before we go…most of the time we get what we have asked for, but have no idea whether it had to do with my email or the travel agent’s request…good luck…28 more days for us…when are you going…


Even if I had implicit faith in my travel agent, I’d follow up with a polite e-mail to the hotel a week in advance of my departure date.
Some travel agents are top notch while others just say what you want to hear. I once had a travel agent request an oceanview room for us; meanwhile, there wasn’t such a thing at that resort. :sunglasses:


We always email direct - usually does the trick. :smiley:


Also … we print our e-mail request and bring it to the resort at check-in. As you can imagine, they’re innundated with special requests, so it doesn’t hurt to have a hard copy of your e-mail.
Some resorts are more attentive to acknowledging e-mail requests than others. Usually you’ll receive a generic response stating “thank you, we’ll do our best”.
We’ve always found that kindness and manners works wonders at the check-in desk. :wink: We’ve also found that if they can accommodate you, they will.